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  1. Hi buddy, i think the problem is your DVD image. In fact, if you're stuck in the end of installation, the problem should be your burning speed or due to the damaged dmg. I had a same problem like this and i burned again, then the problem was solved
  2. Try with UseKernelCache=No bootflag when you're begining of the boot
  3. Dude when you're on the bios opening scene, press F2 to enter your bios. And then, change your graphic settings like this: If you solve that problem, please give us a feedback.
  4. The problem seems to be AppleACPIPlatform.kext. If you can open your system, download this file and try these kexts. Hackintosh Lenovo G580 Model 2189 INTEL HD 4000 / USB / AUDIO - Downloads - OSx86.net By the way, is there a dsdt.aml file in your Extra folder?, if there is, delete and restart again. If you have some time, i'm uploading my own Extra folder, and you may use this Here it is, https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5rwE8Ur-ONQTjJHRWJCNVpqSzQ/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Hi again, I don't know exactly what the problem is. Could you take a picture of your error?
  6. Thanks for your greetings. By the way, have you deleted AppleHDA.kext and AppleACPIPlatform.kext from System/Library/Extension folder? Probably, the error that you gave is associated with these files. If you cannot open your iATKOS, please try in verbose mode using with -v -x -f bootflags to delete these kexts. After that, your system should be opened normally. I will be waiting your feedbacks.
  7. Fellas, this topic was solved Please follow up this way: http://www.osx86.net/notebooks/18181-installing-iatkos-lenovo-g580.html
  8. @rahulk you should read this HD3000 full acceleration for 10.8 with QE/CI
  9. phil, read the first topic you should try DVD installation method.
  10. for the installation guide, turn back the first page of this topic
  11. IATKOS has successfully installed on Lenovo G580! Do you want to know how ? Let's take a look [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580 - OSx86 10.8 (Mountain Lion) - InsanelyMac Forum
  12. thanks, but i don't know how to delete that kext, could you explain?
  13. Never tried installing with USB installer, you may be right, i'm waiting for iATKOS ML...
  14. Thanks for your feedback. But How can i install iATKOS L2 with Intel HD 4000?
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