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  1. Hi, I am interested about this SSD ! I hope it will be mine ;-) Wait and see !
  2. hi ! ? Very very useful ! Could you please make the same for mavericks ? Great thanks in advance ! Loyd
  3. azerty

    Realtek ALC663

    Do you talk about KP or voodoohda settings ? Thanks
  4. azerty

    Realtek ALC663

    I misspoke due to my english writing ;-) ! I mean using your kext the sound works very nice but with some KPs occasionally. Yes I delete appleHDA before... Well, I will continue to use your Kext despite these few KPs because this kext gives me a better sound. Otherwise, the most important for me is how to automatically adjust the settings in System Preferences (especially for mic) to not have to adjust them on every reboot. Great thanks for your time in advance, Lord
  5. azerty

    Realtek ALC663

    Hi platinumstee & Hi All, Thanks a lot for your kext !! I've also ALC663 and it works very nice (audio and mic!) But, using your kext I've some KPs from time to time (pls see Photo in this link) https://www.myairbridge.com/#!/download/file/JRH68QJXT424R0PM9FER/KP_VoodooHDA_ALC663.JPG Do you have any suggestions for those Kps ? thanks for your time in advance, Wonderful Forum !! Loyd
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