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  1. i see that i can't show u the pictures but i can explain: i have installed a kext:NVDAGF100 and my card the GT 540 M is shown as display 01 in slot 01 but the hd3000 is the only working btw i had to delete the dsdt from extras and booted with ssdt of our friend Jizzy94. is it possible? the only think is that memory size is 1024MB ??? can it be possible?
  2. hi all can i have an explication please look that Volumes/OS X 10,7,4/Users/youcefbeton/Documents/01.png /Volumes/OS X 10,7,4/Users/youcefbeton/Documents/02.png /Volumes/OS X 10,7,4/Users/youcefbeton/Documents/03.png /Volumes/OS X 10,7,4/Users/youcefbeton/Documents/04.png if that is possible or i'm becomming creasy?
  3. @ astroboyid i have asus k53sv with nvidia gt 540m and i can't enable it / any help plz????
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