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  1. it works for me in 10.9.3 wn751nd v2 ? ? ? now it stuck
  2. kismat2k

    TL-WN851ND AR9227

    wn751nd not working
  3. kismat2k


    works for me on 10.9
  4. kismat says aslam-o-alikum(may peace Mercy and blessing of God almighty be on all of you) hungx try 10.7 use U{censored} i have same chipset with same vga it works for me Hazard Leopard ? View topic - installtion on inspiron 1545 use this guide i`ll be here for more help kismat says allha hafiz
  5. kismat says aslam-o-alikum (may peace mercy and blessing of almighty GOD be on all of you) i got Lion working on dell 1545 Pentium celeron 2.2 2gb ram everything working fine for me but vga is not can anybody tell me where can i find this driver for gma 4500 mhd thank you kismat says allha hafiz
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