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  1. I tried everything I could that I found about the issue, by downloading chimera and extracting the boot1h file and trying to istall it in the recovery partition through terminal but it would recognize my usb drive no matter what I did. So i ended up just wiping everything and starting fresh. All is well now
  2. I also have the HD 6450 and I had to use a wide variety of boot flags to get it to work. Yaunzhubi is correct, for the first initial install process, you need to be using the VGA port to view everything, then once you are booted up and can run easybeast and the graphics drivers, then you will be able to successfully use the dvi and hdmi ports on the HD 6450
  3. So I did a migration assistant from my hackintosh running 10.8.1 to my new iMac and it got hung up during the process so I had to force restart both my systems which caused kernel panics on my new imac and required me to do an erase and install. But what Im writing about is on my hackintosh, I now boot up to the black Boot0 screen. I am able to boot up just fine if I boot to my Beast Usb and then select the Mountain Lion hard drive, but if I just try to boot up without the usb it gets the boot0 error. I have tried reinstalling the Easy beast install again to no avail. I looked up some articles on how to fix this issue but this is my first hackintosh and the articles confused me and they looked pretty complicated. If anyone knows an easy way to solve this I would really appreciate it if you could help me out, thanks in advance
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