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  1. Version 1.2


    DELL 5737 HACKINTOSH Specs CPU: Core i7-4500U RAM: 16GB DDR3L HDD: 1TB VGA1: Intel HD 4400 VGA2: AMD Radeon HD 8870M DISCLAIMER: Altering your DSDT is serious business and can cause physical & unrepairable damage to your machine! I am not responsible for any damage happens to your computer. I have been using this DSDT from OSX 10.9 to OSX 10.9.5 updates were made directly from the App Store. WORKS: Everything except WIFI (here is a link https://github.com/toleda/wireless_half-mini for the wifi replacement). DSDT patches 1- Intel HD 4400 injection a simple _DSM injection, thanks to Rehabman for suggesting the proper igplatformid (0A260000).2- sleep fix thanks to Rehabman the laptop-dsdt-patches in his github, thanks to nguyenmac for the required steps to patch for sleep. but it was not stable, and made a lot of CMOS RESET, and it took me (hossny88) a lot of effort to finally make sleep working with zero CMOS Reset (very stable).3- lid fix lid will sleep and wake the system, all the credits to hossny88 cheating a little bit from MacbookAir6,2 DSDT.4- brightness fix (ACPIBacklight.kext) all credits to Rehabman, using PNLF Haswell fix5- battery fix (ACPIBatteryManager.kext) all credits to Rehabman (it has a little problem in which few times battery remaining time becomes stuck at 20:00 hours, but at the same time i boot into Windows 8.1 and the remaining time stuck at 148 hrs., my conclusion it is a Dell bios bug) 6- Airplane mode button switch disabled all credits to hossny88. this will force wifi and bluetooth to work even if you booted OSX with Airplane mode ON and it will disable the functionality of (Fn+F2)hossny88 (hackintoshosx.com,{censored}.com,github.com) (Me) nguyenmac ({censored}.com) clover installation guide for Dell xx37 uploading kexts and clover configuration file Rehabman ({censored}.com,github.com) Laptop DSDT patch Suggesting Proper intel Framebuffer ID helping getting CPU power management to work Ramalama2 (github.com) for uploading the DSDT of MacbookAir6,2 to his GitHub
  2. Ok, I have managed to fix the problem all I had to do is to Replace the IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext
  3. Finally no bullshit, just a great working hackintosh except the webcam & wifi. I have noticed only one problem, I don't know if someone else has the same issue but usb flash drive and usb hdd drive are not working. I currently installed OSX 10.6.6, so can someone tell me if he/she is facing the same problem, and if there is a way to fix that?
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