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  1. DELL 5737

    CPU: Core i7-4500U
    RAM: 16GB DDR3L
    HDD: 1TB
    VGA1: Intel HD 4400
    VGA2: AMD Radeon HD 8870M
    DISCLAIMER: Altering your DSDT is serious business and can cause physical & unrepairable damage to your machine! I am not responsible for any damage happens to your computer.
    I have been using this DSDT from OSX 10.9 to OSX 10.9.5 updates were made directly from the App Store.
    Everything except WIFI (here is a link https://github.com/toleda/wireless_half-mini for the wifi replacement).
    DSDT patches
    1- Intel HD 4400 injection

    a simple _DSM injection, thanks to Rehabman for suggesting the proper igplatformid (0A260000). 2- sleep fix

    thanks to Rehabman the laptop-dsdt-patches in his github, thanks to nguyenmac for the required steps to patch for sleep. but it was not stable, and made a lot of CMOS RESET, and it took me ( hossny88 ) a lot of effort to finally make sleep working with zero CMOS Reset (very stable). 3- lid fix

    lid will sleep and wake the system, all the credits to hossny88 cheating a little bit from MacbookAir6,2 DSDT. 4- brightness fix (ACPIBacklight.kext)

    all credits to Rehabman, using PNLF Haswell fix 5- battery fix (ACPIBatteryManager.kext)

    all credits to Rehabman (it has a little problem in which few times battery remaining time becomes stuck at 20:00 hours, but at the same time i boot into Windows 8.1 and the remaining time stuck at 148 hrs., my conclusion it is a Dell bios bug) 6- Airplane mode button switch disabled

    all credits to hossny88 . this will force wifi and bluetooth to work even if you booted OSX with Airplane mode ON and it will disable the functionality of (Fn+F2) hossny88 (hackintoshosx.com,{censored}.com,github.com) (Me)
    nguyenmac ({censored}.com)
    clover installation guide for Dell xx37
    uploading kexts and clover configuration file
    Rehabman ({censored}.com,github.com)
    Laptop DSDT patch
    Suggesting Proper intel Framebuffer ID
    helping getting CPU power management to work
    Ramalama2 (github.com)
    for uploading the DSDT of MacbookAir6,2 to his GitHub


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