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    Wow, thanks, I'm gonna test it, I wonder if will it work on macOS Mojave or High Sierra
  2. Can you post it Again?, Link its Broken, show an 404 Error
  3. Ok I got it. ? Defaults.plist. must be in " /EFI/OZ" I disabled VoodooHDA injecting a NVRAM Variable:?sudo nvram 1F8E0C02-58A9-4E34-AE22-2B63745FA101:DisableVoodooHda=%01 Cuz If I load VoodooHDA it cause me a Kernel Panic. ? Now The problem is I'm trying to get working Intel HD 4000 Graphics. I tried to set "False" in "DisableIntelInjection". I dunno if I need to put AAPL-ig-platform-id. ? My Internal Graphics card is: Device ID: ?0x041e Revision ID:?0x0006 ? ​And I?can't detect correctly my GPU. It only Says on System Profiler: ? - ? Graphics: ?Unknown 5Mb Instead of: Intel HD 4000 64Mb. ? What should I do? Thanks
  4. I get a suddenly reboot when I'm listening a streaming like Grooveshark or watching a movie in Mavericks 10.9.5. Is there a solution for it??. Thanks
  5. Supposing that Defaults.plist must be in "EFI" partition. ? ?How can I install the OS. ? with the other Ozmosis that i posted i can see video. but in this I can't see video with my nvidia card. I can only see scrambled video
  6. Sorry for my stubbornness, when you say "EFI", Did you mean in the EFI Firmware or EFI folder on the installed System?. ? NOTE: I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT610 1024mb ?with EnableGraphics=yes and I have the HDMI Audio on the Nvidia card with an special AppleHDA.kext. Thanks
  7. I think that the plist for EFi works for able or unable ATI or Nvidia support, right?? Eg. <key>DisableAtiInjection</key> <true/>?if I set true instead of FALSE, and<key>DisableNvidiaInjection</key><false/>?it ables NVIDIA instead of ATI, but how can I load this Defaults.plist to the BIOS, Do I need to convert it to FFS and replace an existing module in BIOS???Thanks
  8. I dont understand it works on my mobo, well, I use for the HDMI audio an enabler, because I have a NVIDIA Card installed and its HDMI audio. ? I probed your BIOS File but only works with internal video, Is there a way to run it with a GPU Card like mine.? When i use your Ozmosis I get a scrambled video. ? Thanks
  9. Version 1.0 (F8)


    Ozmosis Bootloader for Gigabyte G1 Sniper B5 This is the Modded BIOS for the Gigabyte G1 Sniper B5 with the new Ozmosis Bootloader. With this Bios, you can Install a normal OSX Vanilla Installer (DVD or USB) without patching, normally like installing on a real Mac. and also have the Apple Boot Logo. Probed on Mavericks 10.9.5 an Yosemite 10. How to Install: Download the "oz-apple.f8" file and copy it on a small USB thumbdrive with FAT32 system. Reboot "Enter BIOS" and select "Q Flash" with the USB Thumbdrive plugged. Choose Upgrade BIOS or UEFI and select your USB Key and then "oz-apple.f8 Wait for loading and flashing. PREFERENTLY UPGRADE THE BIOS WITH YOUR MACHINE CONNECTED TO AN UPS. REMEMBER, IF THE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY FAILS, YOUR MOBO MAY BE BRICKED FOREVER!!. If someone knows how to load the Apple Chime at startup to the EFI, please apport it!. Thanks to: Hermit Labs & Gerardo García for modding this bios. Enjoy it!!!
  10. Version 1.0


    I made this DSDT In order to make a faster boot and a more clean installation, in other word more Retail 90% installation, Only works with 3 kexts on Extra/Extensions. This package only works with this three kexts and the new DSDT that allows: 1) Full QE/CI 2) all resolutions 3) Network native (no more Realtek kext is needed) 4) Doesn't need IOATAFamily.kext 5) Doesn't need FixStillWaiting.kext The package includes the DSDT.aml with the Extra Kexts that would be installed on "Extra/Extensions" Enjoy It!
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