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  1. Samsung NP300E4C-A03US Notebook/Laptop OS X 10.8.2 Guide A 95% solution with no DSDT or SSDT edits required (so far). I can’t say this will work exactly the same for anyone as it did for me. I did this install twice and results were the same both times. You should be able to do this in 8 hours total if you have reasonable computer skills (or over a weekend with a relaxed pace). Although this guide is designed for a Samsung NP3004E, it may work for others. This laptop has the same processor (i5-3210M) and graphics (Intel HD 4000) as some 2012 MacBook Pro models, so compatibility in those respects are good. I have good HD graphics and HDMI output (HDMI sound is questionable). Guide is large because I include ODD conversion steps to have a dual boot system; OS X on an SSD as the default, and the original Win7 HDD in a ODD bay cradle as an alternate boot option. Both work fine. And the SSD makes OS X pretty fast with no mods to increase speed. Noteworthy: Antheros AR9485WB-EG WiFi does not work. Cried uncle and bought an ASUS USB-N 10 adapter and it works great. Trackpad works, but just not any gestures. Realtek HDA0269 does not work, but VoodooHDA 2.8 does - everything but Mic (internal nor external). USB mic works fine. Battery Status provided by VoodooBattery - works fine. Others have mentioned that Voodoo.kexts have caused KPs, but these are working fine for me. Have not dealt with 'sleep' issues because I choose not to use sleep as it's always problematic. Bottom line, this was a great solution since I'm 95% up and running with no DSDT or SSDT in the Extra folder. It may be beneficial to get more vanilla and remove the Voodoo kexts, but this can be a good backup/restore point before moving on to that. A lot more details in the attached Guide. Lastly, I am not a regular Hackintosh person. If you have issues, I probably can't help you beyond this guide. This guide is primarily for me if I have to rebuild it someday - I'll never remember what I did without thorough notes. But hopefully someone else can benefit from this. Good luck. 00_Samsung NP300E4C OS X Guide.zip
  2. MrAtariMac

    VoodooHDA 2.8.8 pkg installer

    I failed to mention in prior post that I have made no edits. It gives me sound for my Realtek 0269 as it. No mic input yet, but that can wait when I have more time (spent days and days on this with no success until this). Thanks again. Making a donation on behalf of crazybirdy.
  3. MrAtariMac

    VoodooHDA 2.8.8 pkg installer

    Finally - I have sound with Realtek 0269! My mic doesn't appear to be working, but alerts and Flash audio confirmed with Voodoo 2.8. Thank you! System: Samsung Laptop / Notebook 300E4C-A0US3, i5-3210M, 8GB, 128GB SSD, OS X 10.8.2, Realtek HDA 0269. Tried numerous methods with HDEF edits in DSDT and prior versions of Voodoo. Could not get any AppleHDAs to work. No DSDT edits worked, and early version of Voodoo sounded like static, and newer ones caused KPs because of the preference pane & loader. I don't have the loader installed currently (may not need it). Thanks again. Will post update(s) if any significant changes observed. Still no Wifi if anyone is wondering, but using a ASUS USB-N10 adapter that's tiny, was only $15, works great, and probably not going to sweat the Atheros AR9485 issue anymore now.