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  1. I've solved this problem, and now I am running Windows 7. Something's gone wrong, when I created bootable usb flash using osx. I tried many ways and many .iso images using disc utility and unetbootin. After all, I made bootable usb using computer with windows os on it. I downloaded windows usb/dvd tool to create bootable flash drive. But you have to be sure, that .iso file is made in UDF mode.
  2. I've tried that. For me it is F12. But it still doesn't boot.
  3. Hi! I have installed Snow Leopard on my Dell Vostro 1015. Everything works well except my graphics card(Intel GMA4500 MHD). I tried several ways to make it work, but still it isn't working properly. So I decided to put Windows 7 back. I will use osx later, when I get a better computer. But here is another problem. When I try to boot using Windows instalation DVD or bootable USB flash drive, computer still loads into Snow Leopard. When I hit F12 at startup - there is a possibility to chose USB drive, but it always loads into HDD. Do I have to change something in bios settings? Or is there a specific way to make bootable USB or DVD to make it boot when osx is installed. I have Snow Leopard 10.6.3. with Chameleon RC5 bootloader. When I put this USB drive in a windows computer, everything seems working and it loads when I choose it with F12.
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