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    OS X 10.8x IntelBootCD-clover.iso

    I don't think that's the same error. I have now made sure that the card reader and eSATA are disabled in the BIOS. But the result hasn't changed. I still get: cdboot: init cdboot: file size: cdboot: reading sectors: cdboot: loading.............................................. cdboot: BIOS error at: cdboot: error Switching BIOS SATA operation to ATA only (which excludes AHCI or RAID) got past that point, then I get a black screen with a single dash in the upper left corner, then the BIOS boot manager comes up as though whatever was starting on the black screen with the dash had crashed. Oh well, doesn't look like this will work with my hardware. Thanks anyway.
  2. ktbos

    OS X 10.8x IntelBootCD-clover.iso

    On my Dell E6430, when booting from this bootcd, cdboot starts then quickly says "BIOS error at" (it doesn't finish saying where). I've tried RAID mode and AHCI mode. Neither works. Any suggestions on what else to check?
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