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  1. No Working on Foxconn H61 ML 10.8.3
  2. Hey, I've got my hackintosh working on Foxconn H61MXE. All work fine except audio, on PC the definition of type Audio is : ALC662, but I teste all driver of this kind and anyone work, so I uses 2 software to define the Ven_ID & Dev_ID and I have 2 results : UnknownDevices: * Windows Description - Realtek High Definition Audio * Hardware ID - FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0662&SUBSYS_105B0D8D&REV_1003 * Device Category (Class) - Sound, video and game controllers * Enumerator - HDAUDIO Detected Chip Vender - Realtek Semiconductor * Detected Chip Device - <unknown, id=0662> * Detected Vender - <unknown, id=0D8D> * Detected Device - <unknown, id=105B> System Info: * Ven_ID : 8086 * Dev_ID : 1c20 * Intel Corporation : 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller - Multimedia controller Mac OS X 10.8.2 Thanks in advance
  3. The DSDT link is for "para G31M-S R2.0 con nvidia Geforce vcard", and the second not work
  4. Hi guys, I have osx 10.8.2, is there any kext for Network RealTek RTL8101/2/3 in foxconn intel platform??
  5. good idea I'll try it and see, thank you for your help kyndder
  6. Hi kyndder, I installed Lion Mountain 10.8.2, I met some problem with the kexst but I finally succeed. but I still have the same problem so this isn't problem of video acceleration.
  7. hi kyndder, I don't have a transparent menubar, and the DVD Player don't work, but my processor supports VTd, I have I5-2300, with 8 Gb Ram & Geforce GT610. My question is: why under VMware works correct and doesn't work under hackintosh?! PS: when I'm in hackintosh I have another Hardisk in parallel, with format NTSF under cd-iB{censored} 3.3 under VMware
  8. Thank you kyndder for your replay, to be more precise, in the virtualization mac with VMware or a mac original, I run the software and a window opens to fill personal information software, I and I get valid serial number finale. but with hackintosh (I use iB{censored} legacy 2.7.2 from {censored}) the software does not give me access to complete the 1st step. So that's why I think the problem is in disk's Serial number, or maybe in boot-loader??!! is there another boot?
  9. Hello everybody, I use Mac 10.6.7 osx86 & I found a problem when I tried to install an application requires 2 steps of software validation, the 1st step uses the serial number of the Hard Disk in my osx86 . So without this serial number I cant validate the software & I cant use it! I'm certainly sure that the problem is here, I think osx86 doesn't have serial number of Hard Disk ?! Isn't it? Pleeeeeeeease, can you fix this Problem?
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