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  1. This Guide is dual language english and total noobness English: Download Iatkos s3 v3 Search it in the internet Download Nawcom Modcd You can find it at Downloads page Burn Iatkos disc & burn Modcd to your disc Go to bios Set boot priority to CD\DVD boot to modcd swap modcd disc to iatkos disk and press f5 WAIT!!! Don't enter The Iatkos Disc Type CPUS=1 BUSRATIO=16 ARCH-I386 -V and enter Go to Disk utility Partition your hard drive Close disk utility next->agree->customize For ATI Users: Use Chameleon RC5 Use ATI Chipset The rest is yours Use legacy kernel For NVDIA: Use Chameleon RC5 Use NVENABLER Use legacy kernel then install wait..... To the installation to finish if install failed Don't Panic Just reboot and eject your disc Enjoy! Noob language: DOWNLOAD IATKOS S3 V3 SEARCH IT IN DA INTERNET DOWNLOAD NAWCOM MODCD U CAN FIND IT AT DOWNLOADZ PAEG BURN IATKOS DISC & BURN MODCD 2 UR DISC GO 2 BIOS SET BOOT PRIORITY 2 CD\DVD BOOT 2 MODCD SWAP MODCD DISC 2 IATKOS DISK AN PRES F5 WAIT!!! DOAN ENTR TEH IATKOS DISC TYPE CPUS=1 BUSRATIO=16 ARCH-I386 -V AN ENTR GO 2 DISK UTILITY PARTISHUN UR HARD DRIV CLOSE DISK UTILITY NEXT->AGREE->CUSTOMIZE 4 ATI USERS: USE CHAMELEON RC5 USE ATI CHIPSET TEH REST IZ YOURS USE LEGACY KERNEL 4 NVDIA: USE CHAMELEON RC5 USE NVENABLR USE LEGACY KERNEL DEN INSTALL WAIT..... 2 TEH INSTALLASHUN 2 FINISH IF INSTALL FAILD DOAN PANIC JUS REBOOT AN EJECT UR DISC ENJOY!
  2. My specs Processor: AMD Athlon ii X2 260 Motherboard: Biostar A880G+ AMD880G Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4250 Memory: Kingston 4 GB Help The system Won't boot to The Setup Only Darwin x86 I Tried in VMware works but in my pc not working Please help!
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