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  1. Thank you for you help, the Voodoohda works fine for me, my lion is working great with GraphicsEnabler and recently I bought magic mouse for it and its alos working great. thank you guys again.. Gob bless you.

  2. OK, What CPU do you guys have? I have a Core 2 Duo even a Pentium Core Duo works the same as Lion will think the Pentium is a Core 2 Duo instead... To all the hackintoshes I have transformed all had either a Core 2 Duo or a Pentium cpu. So for me in order for my graphics cards to boot up at full speed I use iB{censored} v3.20 which automatically boots up the laptops or pc's with GraphicsEnabler=Yes... once I get to the bootloader screen in which I choose to boot into Lion via USB which also has Chamera (like Chameleon bootlaoder) in it to boot Lion setup directly from the USB flash drive. So once im in the bootloader menu in order to boot into Lion setup or after Lion installation or after a reboot of installation finished, I have to type "mach_kernel" without quotes and hit Enter key. This will force to boot into 64bit natively making everything work fine! So once I install the pre-installation package (MB{censored} 4.0.3) the "mach_kernel" command will be inserted automatically into the "com.apple.Boot.plist" or "org.chameleon.boot.plist" which ever you have! So the trick is to Boot into the Lion installer or system typing mach_kernel or it ur computer will just reboot and reboot and you will be wondering why in the heck it wont go through! hope this helps!
  3. don't have to add nothing else but "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" without quotes into the plist and thats it! fix permissions and reboot.

  4. Now here is all you need to do... in the "com.apple.Boot.plist or org.chameleon.Boot, edit by adding GraphicsEnabler on the left pane and next to it on the right as a string add "Yes" without quotes then save. Get rid off any graphic card kexts that you used to enable your graphics card all of it.. fix permissions and kexts cashe in Extensions folder through "Kext Wizard". Reboot and you should have native support for your GeForce card... Just incase that Lion actually supports it in 64bit without any Enabling it, then edit the plist again with "GraphicsEnabler=No" without quotes! I just finished my friends custom build pc that has an Asus Comando mobo, SB X-Fi sound card, Core 2 Duo Oc'd to 2.9Ghz. GeForce 9600 GS0 in the most beautiful pc case ever build by NZXT the "Lexa"... Running OS X Lion 10.7.3 fully natively dual booting with Windows 7 64bit Ultimate!

    Hope that helps!

  5. ok If you're using a hack version of OS X like iAtkos I suggest you install a retail version of SL or Lion which ever you are trying to install.... Lion works best in 64bit. So I retail OS X is what you are trying to get work on you comp. Use "MB{censored}" pre-installation package to install the need boot files and kexts instead. So to make your 9000 sereis GeForce card work natively, on the Extra folder that the preinstallation creates you will finde the com.apple.Boot.plist if you used Chameleon or org.chameleon.Boot if you used Chamera bootloaders. next to it is your SMBios.plist which has your pc info in which you can edit if your cpu speed is incorrect etc... using "Chameleon Wizard". With Chameleon Wizard you can also add or subtract the necessary info into the com.apple.Boot.plist or org.chameleon.Boot if necessary.

  6. Why don't you guys install Lion natively since Asus laptops or mobos are easier then most with most of the stuff compitalbe using simple kexts? All hack or moded bootloaders installers for SL or Lion have bugs and run slower compare to a retail version of OS X... All you need to get going it at {censored}(.)com and then come here for any additional kexts you might need!
  7. Thanks man for your reply I appreciate that, I just installed NVEnabler_64.kext with kext utility, it seems ok so far,

    but if i'll follow the com.apple.boot.plist method, i have to add my 9500gt card .hex into this .plist file and reboot thats it?

  8. You can also use a little program called "Hardware Info" its free this will give you a quick list of whats inside of your pc and info of the hardware you have... Your audio info should be there... It might start with something like "Intel AC8xx" then you have the choice of install the "VoodooHDA.kext" v2.1 through v.273 via MB{censored}, which ever voodoo version works fine for you. Im using MB{censored} 4.0.3 works great for me.MB{censored} also has audio for native AC8xx cards. If yours falls into the supported MB{censored} audio kexts of AC then install those that MB{censored} requires you to. The sound will come out crisp and like it sould without any pops and cracks! The only issue with the AC kexts is that you will lose audio every time you update Lion on a combo update thats why you make a copy back up of those audio AC kexts so you can easily re-install them withe Kext Wizard in a snap! hope that helps!

  9. Dude, all 9000 series nvidia cards are natively supported by Lion and SL. boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes or just input that data into the com.apple.boot.plist in the Extra folder... install PlistEdit Pro that I have uploaded up here. This plugin lets you edit any file easily and lets you see the files easier. To install kexts install Kext Wizard newest version. I'm using an nvidia 9600 GSO 356mb card and works flawless at full speed natively. Don't use kexts to enable your graphics cards, they don't work fully and you will notice some lag if you get it to work that way. For Audio find what integrated audio u have. You see you get all your hardware info from windows before you install Lion using a program that extracts all your hardware info and ID's. It makes it easier.

  10. Hey thanks for the solution... Here's a better way on getting rid of the '5 second pause error', yet keeping your OS to boot in totally 64 bit...

    simple way to fix "pausing 5 seconds"

    type to terminal: sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture i386

    then fix permission and reboot... Problem solve!

  11. HAHAHA... thank you to both FC Candido & mackie100 for this annoying problem. Both of you have just gave the 1000's of users the solution to resolve this little annoyance with your solutions! Thanks you both so much now we all know what causes this "5 second pause errors" we were all blaming it somehow on the bootloaders thinking it was causing this error! Thanks a lot guys much props for both of you!
  12. Version 1.0


    32 or 64 bit Kernel Startup Selector v1.6.0 This little yet powerful plugin will forcefully make Lion run in totally 64 bit mode! - Just launch it and you will see if you are booting in totally 64 bit or not. The plugin shows 'Processor', 'EFI', 'Kernel Boot Mode' and 'Kernel' modes! - Select whether you want to start your computer in full 64 bit the next time you reboot or stay in 32 bit... Enjoys Hackintosh Masters! UPDATE: You might get the famous "Errors encountered while starting up the computer" "Pausing 5 seconds..." annoying message after applying this plugins to reboot your mackintosh in total 64 bit from now on which is really nothing only 5 seconds lost. For so long many couldn't feature out why all of a sudden the error pop up in every boot. They would blame in on the boot loader whether it was Chameleon or Chimera... - Candio's solution requires to load up ur Lion disk or USB, use Pacifist to extract the com.apple.boot.plist file and replace it with the current on in your system. This will cause you to loose the 'Kernel Boot Mode' back to 32bit and your back to square one. Thanks to Mackie100, his method is not only the simplest to eliminates the '5 second pause error' but keeps your OS Lion to keep booting in totally 64 bit mode! Thanks Mackie for the tip... --- SOLUTION FIX --- So after selecting the 'Start in 64bit mode' and applying it in the plugin. Open Terminal and type or copy & paste the fallowing: type or copy & paste in terminal: sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture i386 - hit Enter, fix permission and reboot. From now on you will not get the 'Error' message anymore yet totally booting in 64bit mode! launch the 32 & 64 bit plugin again to verify that you're booting all in full 64bit mode! - Working great in 10.7.3 Lion
  13. Version 1.0


    A powerful yet easy plugin to edit any Plist list like the org.chameleon.Boot, SMBios.plist or any other list better then text editor. Great for editing on the spot and fixing your info or boot loader info. PlistEdit Pro v1.7.3 comes fully functional and ready to go! Fully Lion ready.... Enjoy all you Master Hackintoshers!
  14. Version 1.0


    Battery Fix - Lion This fixes the problem with many laptops battery icon not displaying status in the menubar properly or not working at all do to Lion. The old kexts worked on Snow Leopard only. This zip file is for OS X Lion only it will not work with prior OS's. 1. Download Battery Fix for Lion to your desktop. 2. Unzip it and install the 2 kexts necessary to run your battery icon to display correctly and fully functional on Laptops only, install with Kext Wizard v3.7.10 or above via the kext Installation tab section to the S/L/Extension folder by dragging both kexts into the installation box. --- I color coded both kext for quick location if you need to find them and remove them or mod them. 3. Once installation finished, click on the 'Maintanence' tab in Kext Wizard, check the "Rebuild Cache" box and 'Execute'. The next time you reboot your Battery icon on the top menubar will display and be fully functional! ..... Still works great in Lion 10.7.2 through Mountain Lion 10.8 Enjoy! Note: Make sure you do NOT have any prior Battery kexts before you install these 2. It might cause a panic or make your OS act funny. Get rid-off any old battery kext from your Extensions folder if any prior to installing this pack. Fix permissions also before rebooting!
  15. Version 1.0


    Lion Scroll Reverser v1.4.4 is for those that have trackpad but don't have the reverse natural scrolling selection option in preferences in order to revert the scrolling as it was in Snow Leopard. To install, unzip and copy it to your Applications folder. To uninstall, drag it to the trash. Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or above. Languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Spanish..... So just open the zip, drop the plugging into your apps or custom plugging folder, double click on it and there you go is that easy! The plugging will show up in the menu bar and you can hide it if you want. It will also auto start when login into system. Tested on Lion 10.7.2 - "works perfect" v1.4.4 - Fixed some small bugs and optimized improvements... Features: *You can also use it with OS X Lion to customize scrolling behavior beyond what is possible in system preferences, for example to reverse the trackpad but not the mouse. *Reverse Horizontal *Reverse Vertical *Reverse Trackpad *Reverse Mouse *Reverse Tablet *Start at Login *Snow in Menu Bar Enjoy!
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