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  1. arianismmm

    ALC888 Patched

    how i can install it? in system/library/extention? or extra/extention?
  2. copy mach-kernel and past it on desktop restart and enjoy
  3. arianismmm

    ALC888 Patched

    download apple hda - alc .... or 1 of them?
  4. hello sry for my english

    i installed lion dp4 on mac pc

    but i have a Problem :

    i installed chameleon 1003 vs but after reboot when select mac drive, apple logo come,s bud loading logo not who


    plz help

  5. arianismmm


    not work for me mb:ga-ep43t-usb3
  6. nor work on Ga ep43t-usb3 ( lion dp2)
  7. My team installed Mac osx lion DP2 on pc You installed?
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