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  1. hi i want to know if you can please help me my bluetooth keyboard and mouse wont connect and so a usb keyboard and mouse did not work eater and it is stuck on the password screen and i can not do a pram reset on it without keyboard is there onother way i can reset the imac please help me lett me know please. thanks

  2. Why has the name changed back? I like OSX86.net more though. Been a member of this community since 2009, just hate that all my score and rank is gone since they changed to a new server back when the site got a name change to kexts.com EDIT: And yes I am back from the death. Just thought to stop by. The site looks great, only we miss a lot of good and skilled members.
  3. I also have this old machine laying around, might be fun to add MacOS to it once again. But is this even really a modified Clover? What does it even add? You can also explain us what it tells clover to do, so we can use a standard clover and add those options.
  4. This is what you have to do Go>Computer>System>Library>Extensions> and copy ATI4600Controller.kext Create new folder on desktop and paste the item (ATI4600Controller.kext). Now Right-click on the ATI4600Controller.kext (copied one) and select "Show Package Contents". Check if the info.plist shows the Graphic Card PCI ID of ATI 4350 model (0x954F1002). If not add it. Then save the plist and install the edited kext with Kext Wizard. It should work now
  5. First of all: Give your specs from your hackintosh. Then second: don't use a distro.
  6. Just for the record, for ppl with the same problem, update your bios to latest version. Make sure the drive you're using is installed on a SATA 2 plug, and that you made with the latest myHack the USB stick from at least 8GB of space. Just boot with -v and it should work.
  7. Very nice, did myself a G5 project too. But whats the point of watercooling when still using fan's?? I really like it super sillent and with fans it just isn't. Whitout watercooling it still keeps it at 29 C. In my next G5 project (this year YEAH) I will also add watercooling but put the radiator in a special sink in the case with special fluid that keeps it 5 C all the time. So I won't here my new PC at all
  8. Haha yup in the Netherlands every iPhone thats bought here on got at a abo will be factory unlocked. And for people with new iPhone's in America it's illigal to unlock it BUT not illigal to buy the new Geveny or other simcard tools to unlock it on the fly because you don't unlock your Phones themself but use a hardware tool which is removable and it will be a stock Phone again.
  9. Hé John, tijd geleden. Zonde dat onze vertrouwde hackintosh scene zo omzeep is geholpen. Was een mooie tijd, en met wat slimmere mensen dan ik nu hier zie. Echt waardeloos dit...

  10. Yeah thats really important. And boot Mountain Lion install from latest myhack. You should create a usb installer with that. Guide is on his website ;-)
  11. Ehh what about doing some more research and install a real proper Chameleon bootloader from the download section by most populair. Remove that usb plz and install it on you ML partition and it should be ok. Add the strings from your chameleon boot plist from the usb to your root file boot plist from chameleon so that can't go wrong and with g-parted change your boot flag to the mountain lion partition
  12. You should try another version of Chameleon. Maybe Chimera will do the trick for you. Or the latest release of Chameleon 2.1 And how do you get your GTS 250 running? by Graphicsenabler or..
  13. There are a lot of good NIC's. Like RTL8169 and that one is cheap. Just look on ebay. And you'll find one ;-)
  14. Hi, could U help me to install Lion on MS7502? I try to install Retail and iAtkos distro but I have prolbemm. After booting Lion system hanging on apple logo :-(

    1st-tell me Bios settings for this main board,

    2nd -your dsdt is patched or clear?

    my private e-mail: gl1800@o2.pl

  15. Version 1.0


    Here is the Latest Firmware flash for the Asmedia ASM1041 ASM1042 ASM104x (so All ASM104....) Just run it in Windows. I used Windows 7 x64 unzip it and run the Firmware file. (Run as Admin) I know the file in there says other firmware version but I tweaked the software and when you open it you will get the newest 110930 version. After that reboot and go to Lion or Mountain Lion and install from here: http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2309 PXHCD.kext and iousbfamily. And Done Enjoy (This is not for ASUS only what some ppl think. It can be used on all motherboards, I used ASRock H61M/U3S3 )
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