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  1. We are still working on the site, so it's work in progress. If you see any bugs or mistakes, please report them via this topic or PM me. Thanks!
  2. PRESS RELEASE??Announcement - Name Change??We are proud to announce that we are changing our community name from OSx86.net to HackintoshOSX.com.??The name change is due to several reasons, the foremost is that the name is easier and simpler to understand.??The name change should also be perceived as an acknowledgement of the size, strength and diversity of the HackintoshOSX.com community. With over 618 thousand members and over 4 thousand files, we are one of the largest Hackintosh communities in the world!?There has been no change in management and we will be providing the same service on which we have build our reputation in the scene. We would appreciate it if you would update your links to the site / files if you posted them somewhere on the internet.??Kind regards,?HackintoshOSX.com crew? ?
  3. Yes, on my MacBook Pro Retina
  4. I'm disappointed that there's STILL no AppleTV SDK.? ? I installed OS X Yosemite en iOS 8 now. It's nice :-)
  5. I'm really curious what OS X 10.10 wil bring! Would be really cool if Apple will release a Developer Preview this evening, like they mostly do...
  6. Amazing find! Well, not that amazing, because everybody suspected this, but never thought log files were send to ASEM. He was threatening us (the community) with lawsuits because we talked bad about ASEM. The community should sue him now for copyright infringement and privacy infringement!
  7. John

    Chat gone?

    Fixed now! My bad, sorry about that :-)
  8. Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 ? 10.9.2 adds FaceTime Audio calls, call waiting support, block incoming iMesssages, improves Mail, Improves Safari, Audio fixes, etc! So get it now via "App Store"?
  9. Please try now, should be fixed now.?
  10. Okay, I just logged in under your account and I was able to upload a file without any problem.? ? There is no issue on this side...?
  11. You say "attach", but what do you mean? Attaching to a post on the forum? Or can't you upload to the link I provided?
  12. 16MB? If that's the case, just upload it via this and link to the file?
  13. John

    my content missing

    Should be solved now
  14. John

    Bug thread

    Where did you get that link??
  15. Testing 1 2 3 ? EDIT: I edited my post and attached a file, works...
  16. Okay, that was less work then I expected. Try again now, should work.?
  17. Okay, this needs some big adjustments then... I'll start working on it now and I'll report back when it's done.?
  18. Please try again, there seems to be an issue with caching. Not sure if it's solved now.?
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