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  1. Hi guys, finally got my hackintosh setup perfectly with Mavericks but have a couple of minor questions I'm hoping you can help me with. ? Firstly, when i install chameleon boot loader I'm downloading it for 2560x1600 yet when my computer reboots I've noticed that the boot loader themes all have a border as its maxed to only 1920 or similar resolution, can this be fixed manually at all, or better still is it possible to skip the boot screen and go straight onto the main mac logo boot screen ? ? Secondly does anyone know if its possible to change the grey mac loading screen to the nice new blue/grey mavericks (login screen) type background at all ? failing that how do i change to the shiny apple logo instead of the dull grey one ? Ive googled these things but have had no luck, and i know things like boot changer dont work on mavericks so I'm hoping there is another way, i know they are minor little problems but would be the icing on the cake for my mackintosh
  2. one quick question i dont know if you will have a clue and its me really nit picking here but, my old installation had a metal apple logo instead of the basic grey one when loading...any idea how i change it back to the shiny apple again ?
  3. yeah just noticed it hiding away in the bottom right corner of chameleon thx dude
  4. hi mate, well i did installed via myhack as you recommended and at first the dock was the same but i installed the mad cat software, i had to run GraphicsEnabler=No at first otherwise i got black screen but after restarting with Pciroot=1 it came on and works perfectly ? It's great thank ....do you know how i force it to boot from PciRoot=1 everytime though ?
  5. no luck with those mate, going to try installing osx again with myhack on another parition i will post updates as of how i get on
  6. thanks for the reply, I Tried unpluigging and unplugging and kill all dock before with no luck, the actual madcatz software says installed failed when i try to install it ? im going to try the 4 usb fixes you mentioned on chameleon now so will let you know if i have any luck
  7. hi mate thanks for the reply, Yeah screensavers work and ive tried repairing permissions, my GTX670 is a KFA2 EX OC Edition ? its strange because when i my other mouse the menu works as does using mouse keys, did you put any particular rat3 drivers in ? ?
  8. the other effects such as genie effects work fine
  9. Hi the the GPU im using is the 670, here is a screenshot. You cant see my mouse cursor but it was hovered over Dreamweaver...i kind of entered the dock area with Firefox and it stayes hovered despite moving the cursor left or right
  10. Hi thanks to these forums i finally got my hackintosh running but im having a wierd problem with the magnifier on the dock. Its hard to explain but when i move my cursor into the dock that icon magnifies like its supposed to but when i move to others it doesnt change, basically when i move to other icons they dont enlarge and i dont get the wave effect . Would love to sort this My spec is Gigabyte Z77 D3H Ivybridge 3770k Geforce 670 Rat 3 mouse Osx 10.8.4 Would really appreciate any help
  11. No dont think it does I have flickering graphics occuring
  12. Hi guys i got a really wierd problem occuring with my build. ive managed to install OSX on my machine recently and updated to 10.8.4 but couldnt get the sound working on my Gigabyte Z77-D3H motherboard and after reading on several forums and trying certian methods ended up messing up OSX and so had to start over but now ive got another (I'm hoping little) problem with the graphics. Ive installed OSX successfully, run MB{censored} with the usual atheros and Nvidia GL drivers whilst using the EasyBeast option (which i did before) and it seems to boot ok except for one odd exception !!! When it boots up past the boot loader i get the grey apple screen but then underneath i get the grey loading bar underneath as if its booting in safe mode but whats odd is the only flag ive but into MB{censored} is GraphicsEnabler=No. When i get into OSX the graphics are glitchy as if it is in safe mode and im still having no luck with the sound despite following all the online tuts !! would really appreciate any help with these two problems
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