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    ReCat got a reaction from LonestarX in SL on AMD :(   
    Honestly I suggest you try retail 10.6 + Nawcom boot Cd/USB
    It worked for me on an AMD computer.
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    ReCat reacted to kyndder in Retail 10.6 + Nawcom Boot USB Error During Setup: Package Authoring Error   
    First make a try using this new flags...
    First try...

    cpus=1 busratio=15 arch=i386 USBBusFix=Yes -f -v
    If still not working...

    cpus=1 busratio=15 arch=i386 USBBusFix=Yes -x -v
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    ReCat got a reaction from SomniusX in If I upgrade online via Apple will it screw up my Hackintosh?   
    I upgraded all the way from 10.6 to 10.6.8 and I didn't have any problems. I just installed the legacy 10.8.0 kernel beforehand for my atom CPU. O_o Wow, was I that lucky? (I used a retail disk, btw)
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