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  1. are u sure it work? i means work with QECI????i think is quite impossible.... i guess is only frame buffer detection....just for correct resolution let me ask u a question, do u delete this kext?AppleIntelHD3000GraphicsGLDriver.bundle
  2. Really work...not a fake System info injection.... ?
  3. I can help u to make it...but i don't have machine to try.....T^T..... I think HD 4400 only for laptop.... ?
  4. 1,443 downloads

    As i am using Maverick 10.9.5, plz comment below if it work in Yosemite remember to backup ur original kext
  5. 113 downloads

    Have u wonder that Uni - - Beast 10.10 and 10.10.1 installer dont have Time Machine in its Utilities? To solve this problem, i have modded the OSinstall file, just replace it with ur default OSinstall with provided path
  6. u need set dual link =1 or 0 in clover.....
  7. 3,865 downloads

    This is the 10.10 HD 3000 kext which support VGA
  8. 1,054 downloads

    HD 3000 Original 512 mb i edited the kext using hex fiend to make it 1024 mb
  9. u can use mac built in calculator in Programming Mode or the following website?http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/hex-to-decimal-converter
  10. ok.., i have changed, u try download again and try, u can change it using text edit
  11. http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3887-microsoft-wireless-mobile-mouse-1000/ i have alrdy help u change it....yup just changing the number, u try it and tell me the result if usual , send me the photo, so that i can upload for the pages....XD
  12. 146 downloads

    Product-ID 0x0745 and Vendor-ID 0x045E.
  13. 320 downloads

    This kext emulate Logitech Unifying Mouse to apple wireless mouse, this means u can click the centre to open mission control or anything else (set up in setting)
  14. Version version 1


    This kext has been modified using original kext 10.9.2 Apple SNB Graphics For HD 3000 to work with VGA I have tested it on hp dv6-6172tx smbios macbook pro 8.1 The problem is If I use chameleon ,chimera boot loader, no glitches occur If I use clover boot loader, shutdown completely and on ur laptop->little glitches and most of the time, no glitches restart->a lot of glitches Try and let me know what happen to ur laptop...
  15. How to make it work in internal display of ML 10.8.2
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