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  1. Do you have to delete any of the kexts already in the system? If so, which and when? I read on a forum that you should delete all kext in the extra/extensions folder.... But I can't find that. I'm looking at a fresh instal of SL 10.6.3 from retail disc before upgrade to 10.6.7 I'm guessing I install update, remove any kexts that the update adds then run MB{censored} with my user dsdt (I'm using f4 for ga-h55m-s2) Same question goes for system/library/extensions ...do I need to remove any kexts already in there? Thanks
  2. Hi guys... I'm trying to upgrade Snow Leopard from 10.6.3 to 10.6.7 on my GA-H55M-S2 I've followed every guide I can find. I'm using the DSDT.aml (F4) and I've tried every suggestion I can find online... but still no success!! I get various errors, depending on what I try. None of the boot flags that I try have helped. II've tried everything I can find on this and many other forums.... So... every time I restart and it won't boot I have to start all over again... reformat... reinstall SL 10.6.3... reinstall MB etc etc.... and it takes AGES!!! I've been on this for about 16 hours each day for the past 3 days!!!! IIf my system will not boot (no matter how many boot flags I try) is there any way to get back in to MB{censored}? Or do I have to reformat and start all over again again? I have not yet been able to boot in safe mode or siingle user mode. I know that everything I am usin gis compatible as I've been using this computer as a hackintosh for over a year. It was on Lion but suddenly stopped working. Now I'm trying to start afresh by installing SL as every fix I could find for my original problem didn't help. Thanks for you help... I'm close to giving up on this!!!
  3. I need to repair my cache and permissions.... But I can only boot in to Single User Mode. Is this possible? I am running Lion... And following a fix for the [PCI Configuration Begins] error. Thanks.
  4. I used macdrive and was able to transfer some kexts into my HDD... I can now only boot into single user mode. I can not boot into safe mode. I need to repair my cache and permissions. How do I do this is single user mode? I've never used single user mode before so a step by step guide would be really appreciated. (I added the files from this fix: http://www.osx86.net/view/1528-pci_configuration_begin_fix.html ) Thanks!
  5. thanks for this... i've got an esata to sata lead so i'm going to try this option now with my gfs laptop
  6. Thanks for your reply, in answer to your questions... My problem is that my computer will not start. If I boot with -v it gets to [PCI Configuration Begin] and stops. I've googled this problem and tried boot flags to fix it with no success. Most people suggest npci=0x2000 or npci0x3000 but these do not work for me. I've also tried every other boot flag that I could find and I've tried removing the graphics card and using the onboard card. I have read a guide to create a bootable USB containing Lion, but I have no idea if using this will format the drive or risk losing files (I do not know if the computer has Lion installed on a partition, I didn't build the system. But I think everything is on one partition) - This might sound stupid, but I'm used to what happens when you reinstall windows... so I don't know if there is a risk of losing files doing this or not. I also do not know if making a USB drive version of Lion will solve the problem. I don't have Lion on USB at the moment, I will need to make one. My only other computer is an old power PC mac mini. With no access to App store I have the Lion install file on the computer that will not boot. I have also not been able to boot into safe mode or single user mode. So can not get to a command prompt or anything like that. I can't back anything up now as I can not get the computer to boot in any mode. I have backups, but nothing recent enough to save the files that are most important. (My bad... I know!!) Does anyone know a solution to the [PCI Configuration Begin] problem that I might not have tried? I have seen a couple of posts about kexts, but I do not know how to install or use these. I can not boot in any mode so not sure if I can make changes to kext files. The only thing I seem to be able to do is enter boot flags or get in to the bios. After that, I get to [PCI Configuration Begin] and the computer stops. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi guys... My hackintosh suddenly stopped working. It was fine, running Lion since release but now stalls on the PCI configuration Begin. I've tried every boot flag I can find with no success. (pci=off was the only one that did anything but this only got a few more lines in before stalling again. Using the npci flags didn't help at all.) My next option is to try to repair by using a USB boot. But.... I have no idea if this will erase data on the drive. I have important files on the drive that I can't risk losing. Is there any risk of losing files if I use a USB version of Lion and boot from that? Or is there a better solution. Is it possible to fix this using kexts? And if so how do I install them if I can not boot the system. Single user mode also stalls on PCI Config Begin so I'm not sure how to change anything other than using boot flags.... And I've exhausted every one of those I can find without success. I didn't build this Hackintosh, I bought it prebuilt on eBay. It's been completely fine for a year. I upgraded to Lion by following a tutorial online and it's been totally fine. On the day it stopped working I hadn't installd any updates, I just shutdown as normal and when I tried to boot the next day it was no longer working. Any help or suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  8. Is it possible to add these if you can not boot your system? if so can someone please direct me to a tutorial. I can't boot in any mode and have tried all boot flag fixes I can find. I am stalling at PCI config message. nothing has made any difference yet.. npci=0x2000 npci=0x3000 etc... dont help
  9. just wanted to add.... this is not a fresh install. it used to work fine.... and, i have files on the computer that I don't want to risk losing. If I create a boot USB to try to fix it will this risk losing files? Thanks!
  10. My Hackintosh on Lion has been working fine for months.... Then for no reason (I hadn't updated anything) I suddenly can't boot. I used boot flags to find the stall on [PCI Cofiguration Begin] so tried all boot flag fixes. npci=0x2000 and npci=0x3000 don't help. When I try pci=off it gets past [pci config begin] but stalls shortly after on this... Smc::smcReadKeyAction ERROR $num kSMCKeyNotFound(0x84) fkeyhashtable=0x0 Previous shutdown cause: 3 Smc::smcinithelper error: MMIO regMap == NULL - fall back to old smc mode Console 1024 x 768 @ 0xf7000000 I've tried every boot flag I can find and not sure what else to do. It won't start in any mode. Sometimes hangs forever, sometimes just switches off. I have windows on a seperate HDD in the same system and that is booting fine, so I am certainty not a hardware failure. Any suggestions or ideas? I didn't build this hackintosh, I bought it, so not sure of set up but it's been working fine for the best part of a year. It was on snow leopard but I upgraded to Lion following the online tutorials. I've been on Lion since its release with no previous problems until this. I don't have a Lion disc... I do have a SL disc. Thanks for your help. Steve
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