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  1. Thank you very much! No panic and reboot on my Haswell CPU (i7-4700HQ) anymore!
  2. Okay now I see what's the problem. When I use your dsdt display blinks once and goes black without any desktop visible (but Fn keys work fine for instance). When I use dsdt or dsdt_GOLD from similar thread (Asus N53SN Lion miscellanious section) graphics works just fine but Fn keys doen't work except brightness related ones. My N53SN has 1366x768 relosution, HD3000 + Nvidia as well. In fact I think our laptops are very similar except displays. So my question is how to edit your dsdt to fix the problem (maybe set another resolution or so)?
  3. Hi eng_matt, are your HD3000 kexts dedicated for full HD resolution only? I have strage behavior using only your kexts (i mean I deleted all others as you adviced): display blinks once and then it goes dark but brightness is working I mean it's dark but brightened. I use my own resolution set in bootloader config file if it makes sense - 1366x768. My question is: can I use your files?
  4. Thank you Dave works like a charm in 10.8.2
  5. God bless you mate! Haven't tried it but it seems that this is what I need for my N53SN (same sandy i3 and hd3000 graphics)! Regarding "nVidia ROM Patching Failed" error above: deleting GeForce*.kext isn't enough, you should do the same with all NV*kext too. Also I'm using GraphicsEnabler=Yes if it makes sense.
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