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  1. Maybe this is what you are looking for. Mod About This Mac 10.8!
  2. Asus HD 6770 does not work. It shows 7Mb unknown device.
  3. windstory

    Radeon 6770

    Mine is Asus HD 6770, and applied your kexts. And the resoution is 2560x1440.
  4. The vga card rom does not load at booting. My card is asus ati 6770. I installed latest Chemera, and I downloaded Chameleon sources and added asus ati 6770 as follows; 1. Download Chameleon sources. svn co http://forge.voodooprojects.org/svn/chameleon/trunk 2. and added asus ati 6770 At 491 line, { 0x68BA, 0x174B1482, CHIP_FAMILY_JUNIPER, "ATI Sapphire Radeon HD 6770", kVervet }, { 0x68BA, 0x03FE1043, CHIP_FAMILY_JUNIPER, "ATI Asus Radeon HD 6770", kVervet }, And build Chameleon.xcodeproj, and overwrite "boot" file with "sudo cp" command. 3. And I extract vga rom from GPU-Z, and inserted it at "org.chameleon.Boot.plist" and cpoied rom file to "/Extra". <key>Ati-rom</key> <string>/Extra/1002_68ba_03fe1043.rom</string> 4. But this rom file does not loat at ML Boot. Is it possible to make to read the rom file at ML's booting?
  5. imick, I'll try eyetv, but there are so many cards.
  6. I have a TV card, but no mac driver. Conexant CX23885 Tunner: LGDT3304 Chipset: Trident TM6200 + ANALOG DEVICES AD9983A Card: ½ºÄ«À̵ð?öÅ» Is it possiblle to find alternative TV-card for using driver?
  7. christ1111/ Thanks! And the resolution is 2560x1440. This is best resolution for my 27" lcd.
  8. Is it possible to input 6770 kext in ML install usb. I tried to install asus ati 6770 so many times, but everytime ML shows ati 5000 as shown in attached picture. The kext file is Radeon HD 6770 FULL QE/CI! Mountain Lion - Downloads - OSx86.net Any comment for this problem would be highly appreciated.
  9. Mine is ASUS 6770 1G, and after installing these 3 kexts ML recognized 5700.
  10. mushin/ I have also several problems with asus hd 6770. If possble, would you please send me your kexts? Unfortunatelly I could not understand how to make your additions to where.

  11. I installed V1 at p6x58d premium, but the rear ports did not work.
  12. Ur AppleAHCIPort regnized ICH10Raid chip of p6x58d premium, but could not read partitions.
  13. I've installed ML 10.8.2 with N{censored} USB. But after installing chameleon, ML shows "panic". I don't know where the log file is, so I attached the picture of champlist. Please let me know how to solve this. Thanks in advance.
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