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  1. Perfect Works in ALC269 in Yosemite DP3 !!! Thankss!!!
  2. Damn... No kexts for Broadcom 57785 workin in Mavericks 10.9.2, I tried a lot, none works ... Any tips?
  3. How to solve the problem with target disks? Here the app stucked with 3 options, choose, item 2 and item 3... anyone to help us???
  4. DCShoes


    Doesn't work in Acer 5750, Mountain Lion 10.8.1 Trackpad Elan-Smart Pad.
  5. My trackpad is a Elantech PS/2 Port Smart-Pad. This is the information displayed in Device Manager(Windows 7). The kext doesnt worked.
  6. Doesnt work, gesture and scrolling moves in trackpad Elantech Smart-pad! OSX 10.8!
  7. Forgot to mention the system hehe, work in my Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Beta 12C43
  8. Very, veeeery nice! Worked fine in my Acer Aspire 5750! Thank you!
  9. Trackpad.prefpane doesn't work in Mountain Lion!
  10. Trackpad works fine but the trackpad.prefpane doesnt work in Mountain Lion! Repack this for us
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