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  1. @Appp External subwoofer works, thinking that motherboard has control of it. Battery life is always about 2/2:15 hours, maybe the usb and other devices are always powered, unlike windows 7/8 which puts them in standby-mode using native ACPI motherboard table. My standby works, and vooroojak's also. appleintelcpupowermanagement is responsible of that, have you patched it?
  2. I have not tried it yet, tomorrow I'll try and post here! @vooroojak glad to see that you did it! MacOs didn't crash in these days, maybe I'm just lucky. I often check the kernel messages and what kext are loaded and everything is "normal"
  3. have you tried to patch appleICPM on your own? Starting from the vanilla (original) appleintelcpupowermanagement. If you have mountain lion 10.8.0 use the one on the installation disk, if you have 10.8.2 you have to extract from the 10.8.2 update package (for example using pacifist app)
  4. @vooroojak duallink patch in necessary for high resolution. You can adjust yours setting on chameleon.boot.plist. The number you show me are te multipliers of your CPU. Could you send me your ssdt? Cause my multiplier go on 26x max on turbo mode, not 28x. About fan and keyboard, have you tried my appleacpiplatform.kext and iowmifamily.kext?
  5. Excuse me I'm in London for holiday, I will answer you guys tomorrow!
  6. Multiplier goes to 27x-28.5x only in windows, under mac os rise to 26x max! I've patched AppleICPUPM with AICPMPatch: http://www.osx86.net/view/2543-aicpmpatch.html. I've added mine on attached dmg (patched for Sandy bridge). What notebook do you have? Have you got optimus technology? What's the cpu's speed under mac os after booting windows, the multiplier, tempereatures?
  7. I'm using AppleICPUPM, i forgot to put it in the dmg. I will upload in the next few hours. Didn't notice any issues, on Mac Os ML cpu works at 8x (40-42 degree) for most of the time, it goes to 26x in turbo mode (eg when i launch geekbench). Fan run slowly until the cpu reach 50-55 degrees. Under Windows 7 same situation (but sometimes the multiplier goes to 27x-28.5x). Heat rises in the bios settings, but it's always been like that (because the nvidia is activated). Battery, under Windows 7, takes more time to discharge, doing the "same thing" (like browsing the web or read a pdf, took 3/4 hours to fully discharge, under mac os two hours and a half). I don't know how to manage devices power states in mac os, like the windows power management panel.
  8. Version 1.0


    This is my first experience with an Hackintosh. I've working hard and now i'm really glad to share with you my experience. Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian. Greeting from Verona!. Mount the attacched dmg: Kext goes in S/L/E Extra in /... So this is what is working: i7 2630qm with turbo boost (multiplier goes from 8x to 26x ) HD3000, full HD resolution with duallink patch. QE/CI support with vanilla kext (device id 0116 8086, not 0126) Realtek ALC663 with voodooHDA, patched for 1c20 8086 (intel audio controller) and 10de 0bee (ALC663) USB 3.0 ASM1042 (1b21 1042) Wifi and Bluetooth Atheros AR5B195 AR3011 with Airport and Airdrop support Synaptics trackpad with two finger scrolling FN Keys, with volume+/volume-/mute/play/pause keys (device PNP0C14) Sleep state, wakeup with all device working Battery management Sd card reader Not working/issue: Backlight is set at 100% after wakeup. Pressing FN+F2 will set backlight at the same state before sleep. Webcam is not working with native application (photo boot, FaceTime). If you want to make it working you need to open FaceTime then open a webpage and allow Flash Player to access your webcam and microphone (for example, taking a picture from facebook page or testing your webcam at http://testwebcam.com) then the webcam video stream will show up. Booting on verbose mode "SNB Framebuffer did not show up, unload" appear, it does this twice, and takes 30-45 seconds each. Without -v flag, system take the same time to bootup, even with kernelcache set on boot.plist. Unknow working device: HDMI and VGA out, not tested multitouch gesture with synaptics trackpad If you have any solution for the issues described above, or if you have any problem about my configuration, please write here. Bye!
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