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  1. Exactly Same issues here using MyHack and DP1. Trying to install on Haswell Asrock Z87e-itx + i5 4670k + Gt 640 (searching for a successfull guide for similar motherboard also). I really don't intend to modify my BIOS (UEFI) or any "radical" solutions. I've tried and I've had problems.

    All guides, UEFI configurations and tools didn't work here yet. Waiting for new tools and ML updates or Mavericks soon.

  2. Oi Fernando... esse wireless (DW1501) corresponde ao driver do Broadcom 4313 no OSX. A questão é: ainda não achei um driver (kext) que funcione. Vamos aguardar uma resposta.

    Todos os "BCM 43XX Enablers" não funcionam...


    Same problem as me. Waiting for a solution to DW 1501/BCM 4313 Wireless (not rebranding).

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