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  1. OK, reinstalled and tried a new set of kexts. 2D acceleration is back, but the 3D freezing problem still persists. ? I'm giving up. What I've got is good for most of the functionality I need OS X for, and if I want to try again, I'm using Carbon Copy Cloner. ? I may end up getting a newer graphics card in another year or so, so hopefully then I would be able to get 3D in my OS X Yosemite (Yes; I do plan on trying that when it comes out. Who else is?).
  2. Thanks, but it didn't work. I also have another issue where enabling GraphicsEnabler will cause a Missing Bluetooth Transport whatever error. So, ideally, I can't do that. I'm putting the old one back for now. ? EDIT: OK, now the graphics won't work at all. I'll try reinstalling with the method I used last time. Will update when installation is finished.
  3. Hello, any and all people reading this post. (First time posting on the forums here...) ? I've pretty much got OS X Mavericks (10.9.4) working at it's best on my Dell Vostro 220, but one of the big issues I'm hanging on are the graphics. ? I have an ATI Radeon HD 4350 with 512MB of memory. With a modified ATI4600Controller.kext, I can get full resolution from VGA and DVI as well as 2D acceleration. So, I can navigate Launchpad and watch videos on YouTube (No sound, but that's an issue for another thread?[sOLVED]). However, if I try to load ANYTHING that uses OpenGL (be it a game or Unity3D), the system completely freezes except for the cursor. Nothing works after that, and I have to hold down the power button. ? I've reinstalled about three times because of this (and several other times just getting 2D acceleration), and I'm at my tipping point. I need the ability to render 3D graphics to do what I need to do with OS X. I won't go into the details as to why, but if anyone can help me with this problem, I would greatly appreciate it. ? Thanks in advance, even if my problem is deemed unsolvable.
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