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  1. Here is the link to where I uploaded it originally: Hackintosh Wallpaper by ~pichuX8664 on deviantART
  2. Made the wallpaper myself; if you want it, I'll give you think link to my dA where I posted it originally.
  3. Hello everyone, OfficerProblem here. Today I would like to give you a quick Hackintosh customization tutorial on changing the "Mac OS X" image in About This Mac on Lion. It should be similar in other versions of Mac OS X. First things first, the "Mac OS X" text is part of the image with the Apple logo, it is not a string stored in a file somewhere. You can use any text or none at all in the image. Ok! Now on to the fun stuff. Open your favorite image editor and create a new image, 214x124 pixels with a transparent background. Next, create or place an image in the the space provided. Make sure it makes sense on the About This Mac screen, and try to make it look good. If you are practicing graphic art like me, this should be a no brainer! ;P Save the image as: MacOSX.tif in a convenient place. Next browse over to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and right click loginwindow. Then press Show Package Contents. The go into Contents/Resources/ and back up the existing MacOSX.tif in a convenient place, just in case. Replace it with your custom MacOSX.tif, reboot, and enjoy!
  4. I've tried -v -x npci=0x3000 pci=off and a bunch of other flags but still can't get past it with out "console 1024 x 768 @ <bunch of hexidecimal numbers>." Any solutions for this?
  5. Thank you, but I managed to get it to boot, and now I'm stuck at "Refusing new kext com.apple.iokit.driver.PS2Trackpad" and it doesn't continue booting after that.
  6. Ok, I will first point out I am indeed a n00b with this and a very new user here, and this is my first time with Hackintoshing a laptop. I have the iATKOS L2 DVD and it boots, just not past the bootloader. :/ Are there any kexts for this laptop, and where should I put them? I can get my hardware info if that may be the problem, and I have TransMac and other utilities to help me out if they are required.
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