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  1. Just a note about everything above: as I said, I tried to replace all old kexts which were working on my system prior to update. So there's definitely not only kexts issue, but also something else in the system. Anyway, I'll try to remove USB 3.0 kexts and others mentioned to see whether it will have any effect.
  2. And I forgot to mention my specs: I've got ASUS K95VM notebook with Intel Core i5, Intel HD Graphics 4000 and GeForce 630M (however latter is not activated in the system.
  3. Hi, I just want to append that I have same issue: just installed that damn security update yesterday (had 10.8.5 stable system). And how much I'm frustrated that I didn't make full system backup! I thought the update is minor and it won't break the system! Usually I always do full backups before such updates. ? So yes, now it hangs, but for me it hangs on: 'utun_ctrl_connect: creating interface utun0' message. ? However, I think the message is unrelated in this case. Yes, probably?something with video initialization. But what's important: I had full S/L/E backup and I restored it and then I even restored full kexts backup from my old 10.8.2 stable version - no success. And yes I tried to boot with -x and -f flags many times. ? I suspect that changes made somewhere else in the system, besides S/L/E I don't know much OS X organization, but maybe some core got modified... I don't know. Any help on that appreciated, I'm ready to manually replace some core system files from 10.8.2 backup, just to make it work. I don't want to restore full backup, because want to keep my current /Users and /Applications dirs.
  4. Hi all, Not sure about that I chosen right forum, but I believe issues below related to cpu work, so I decided to post here. I got ASUS K95VM laptop with Intel Core i5 2500 MHz Ivy Bridge processor. Few months ago I successfully installed hackintosh (Mountain Lion 10.8.2) on it and since then I solved various issues and now it's working pretty stable, however couple things still bothers me. First, I found that my system clock is slowing in time, I mean when the computer works, for example, during 24 hours, I can see that clock is wrong about 3-4 minutes back, e.g. real time is 10:04 and I see 10:00. Just don't ask about System Preferences -> Date and Time -> Set date and time automatically - I know about this option and it helps for a while of course, but here's more general problem. I suspect that my processor maybe not working at full power, or I don't know... I tried setting FSB=100 and busratio=25 according to my cpu characteristics, but that didn't help. Another problem is that when I listen music or watching youtube videos the sound is initially fine, but in about a 30 seconds it starts crackling little by little and that crackling grows in time and after a minute it's hard to hear something in that noise. If I pause for a while, it gets back to normal but then again that thing repeats. I suspect that this problem is relevant to previous, though maybe not, maybe it's another problem. What I suggest is that sound desynchronize with real time and somehow that causes that effect. However, it's only suggesstion. I have VoodooHDA 2.7.3 as a sound driver, just FYI. So, any help about these issues is very appreciated, thanks in advance.
  5. Hey guys, that works for me, but is there any way to control touchpad enabled / disabled? Mac OS doesn't seem to recognize it as a trackpad.
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