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  1. FYI there is a performance improvement with gt525m on laptops that purposely don't have optimus (meaning HD3000 like in my case is permanently disabled) like on mine (Toshiba Satellite L755). The device id obviously needs to be updated from the gt520 device id. I'm probably going to try tweaking this a little more, but I do have to say that things seem to run smoother compared to just disabling AGPM. I also noticed a fix in regards to waking from sleep with the display. Sort of surprising. Whatever - it fixed that issue so that's all I care about.

    And yeah like I said before, this won't help with most people with gt525m because most laptops with Intel core CPU + NVIDIA have optimus, though there are a few exceptions out there (like mine). You just need to know which model to get ;)

  2. Nawcom Mod CD v0.3

    55,727    13

    HAHAHA man, you guys still using my CD? I just noticed it listed on the top downloads of the week. I made this what, 2 years ago? Well hey as long as it works.

    Also, as an FYI this is the last build I made; it may me more updated than this one available here. I didn't look at what this version on this site contains.


    Also for ModUSB Linux and OS X versions: http://nawcom.com/osx86/ModUSB/

    Remember kids, this was made so it modifies and injects new pkgs into the retail DVD install, including chameleon, etc. SO do not use it to boot up the installed OS unless there's an issue.

    Also remember that if your hardware didn't exist (especially CPU) when this was made, you will have to use some boot flags to get it going, and for AMD processors that didn't exist (Bulldozer, etc) - well you're out of luck. One of these days I should just update this so the kernel supports the modern CPUs, if people are going to keep using it.

    Have fun. http://blog.nawcom.com just be back up within the next week. Redesigned, more info on projects I've been working on and will work on, etc.


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