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  1. for me this gave me back my screen on 10.9.3 ? however its not got CE HE/QE or whatever its called basically its fixed the screen not turning on, on DVI ports however there isnt any hardware support ? thank you tho this has turned an unusable machine into a usable machine once again ? gpu is evga nvidia geforce gtx 670 2gb ? any help getting back hardware support would be really cool... unless this is how 10.9.3 is normally .. if so its abit slow .. ? thanks again ! and FIRST.
  2. 1156 chip GA P55usb3 ? and ? GPU EVGA Geforce 670 2GB this did not work for me (hdmi only no dvi) ? thanks anyway that said it could work for others ...
  3. when i install dsdt and capri i get screen cut offs BUT Sound works how do i fix the screen ?? ? and? ? editing plist for screen ress will not work? ? please help 10.9.2 bios 48
  4. bobert

    My FakeSMC

    Version 1.0


    test fakesmc nothing special on my mountain lion 10.8.2
  5. Version 1.0


    there are no screen kexts as when the 10.4 screen kexts was applied there was a login window app loop So the way to get around this is to use chameleon with graphicsmode = i used 1400x1050x32@60 for example Graphics Mode 1400x1050x32@60 in the chameleon given here is a guide work in progress for dell latitude c640 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286857-guide-1058-dell-latitude-c640-work-in-progress/
  6. whats this for ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 10.4 ?? 10.5 ?? 10.6 ?? please help
  7. hi cool work, but when im booting i get to choosing the language however i cannot move the mouse or pressing return button.... so i think it hangs there.... im on AMD Athlon x64 3000+with x64bit support asrock mobo sata drive 1 tb and other internal sata is bluray drive 2gb of ram. please help me !!! its nearly there
  8. with out Chameleon-2.1-r2069.pkg and using JAS 10.4.8 its working with rez change BUT not C I an No Q E. currently testing
  9. Seems that you need a DVD rom drive which i have and 1GB of ram which i bought AND THEN you need Jas 10.4.8 that boots !!! then you need wifi and screen kext files moded Jesus this isnt easy keep you posted on how . screen kexts but not C I or Q E http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3623
  10. hi thanks for this, i have a new hackintosh here and i cant apply themes using this, do you know whats up maybe a bug?
  11. Hi guys im trying to boot from usb what command should i use ?? ive burnT your Iso to a CD and im trying that for booting and i can see the usb plugged on what command should i use ?
  12. Version 1.0


    in side the .zip its a .pkg installer, might have been meant for 10.4 this needs testing for dell latitude c640 attached also is the last chameleon for 10.5 i believe by N{censored}, i could be wrong about that too either way both need testing and are both in zips and in the .zips they are .pkg's version of boot loader is 2.1 r 2069 thanks from me to all. ps this might work better with a callisto 006 kexts that i cannot find yet if anyone can might be a good idea to link it on this site here.
  13. Hi Guys and Girls im bobert ! nice to meet ya ! well i got this old laptop from ebay for about 25£'s couldnt believe it LOL almost nothing. ive put a Gigs ram in it and its speed of cpu is 2.20GH'z not sure if i believe that, just updated the bios to A10 so thats a Dell Latitude C640 A10 Mods so far ?? Wifi an Ram, wifi is a tried an tested Broadcom BCM4318kfbg working outer the box minimum for me would have to be 10.5 not 10.4 there are guides out but i want 10.5 onwards if poss can someone please let me know if its do able the way i was thinking was how i posted on insanely mac via 1 take the hdd out 2 plug the hdd that you want to install osx onto, onto a caddy - whats a caddy ??? basically it turns the hdd into a pendrive either with its own power from the mains or a set of usb plugs for power 3 so now you have your hdd out the laptop and into a caddy, so we plug it onto a machine thats already running osx or windows (handy LOL) 4 boot up whatever version of the osx platform you want from its setup on that working machine and pick the caddy to install to.. 5 i think that might work i will be trying it when my new working hdd comes and let you know if i can how i get on im going to be aiming for 10.5 minimum an i'll try Kalyway an maybe Idenebe any version of 10.5 by them, not too sure about IPC might be far too advanced because it will come with loads of stuff
  14. Getting Reboot loop also i tried -F and still with reboot loop :/ any ideas guy and girls ? ive emptyed my chameleon of "stuff" and tried -F what else should i try ? i can get to the desktop with chimera on cd aka rBoot Desktop version Core i7 2600k with evga nvidea 670 GTx so i think graphics enabler is a no no. any help much appreciated. /Bobert .
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