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  1. Version 2.0


    I've written a little installer that installs the required kexts for ASUS P5K-VM. You need Chimera or Chameleon Installed before run this installer. Step 1: mount the downloaded P5K-VM.dmg Step 2: open a terminal window, and enter the following lines once: cd /Volumes/P5K-VM/./Chaos The following kexts will installed: - AppleLegacyYukon2.kext - VoodooPS2Controller.kext - JMicronATA.kext - JMicron36xAHCIEnabler.kext And the selected kexts: - AppleHDA.kext - HDAEnabler.kext and a custom dsdt.aml to /Extra folder
  2. Hi! 1. Run installer with Built-in audio option.? 2. Go to Preferences > Sound > Select Output tab The available Outputs listed here. You need all outputs to use at same time. 3. Open Finder, go to Applications > Utilities > run Audio MIDI Setup and select output tab 4. Click to add (+) on the left bottom then select "Create Aggregate Device" 5. Mark the Outputs?as shown in the picture, and set Clock Source to Built-in Speaker. 6. Click Configure Speakers on right bottom, you will see this window. Select the Multichannel Tab, and set 5.1 Surround, and Mark all Streams. 7. Click to Apply and Done, then Exit Audio MIDI Setup. 8. Go back to Preferences > Sound > Select Output tab and scroll down, and select Aggregate Device, thats all.You have now 5.1 Audio
  3. Version v1.1


    I have an installer written in C++ for this motherboard. Sound works without VoodooHDA, but with a modified AppleHDA kext, and with custom dsdt, so the sound is not cracks at the loud music. You must install bootloader before run this installer. Ethernet, and everything else is working fine, except the built-in VGA, I have a PCI-e gpu. Now HDMI sound Option is available (Works only with Radeon HD6xxx and Intel HD3000 //Intel Graphics not tested please feedback // )
  4. Hey ? i have the same board, and all works fine. i created a little help for you http://www.osx86.net/files/download/4071-alc883-asus-p5k-vm-on-108x-and-109x/
  5. 1,192 downloads

    Installation 1. Copy the dsdt.aml file to your Extra folder (Your system Drive/Extra) 2. Install kexts 3. Repair Permissions and rebuild kext cache 4. Reboot an have fun In BIOS settings enable HD Audio (Not ac97) Works on 10.9.1, and on ML to 10.9.2 without dsdt (if no, use it) sry for my bad english
  6. i have sapphire radeon card. you have ati radeon therefore not working with my id ..
  7. you must try with your own device id. try with?0x94981002 ?
  8. Download AMD4600Controller.kext and?edit info.plist in the kext, find the following lines and change with your device id: ? <key>IOPCIMatch</key><string>0x954f1002</string>?
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