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  1. I think i'm gonna make a package for yosemite
  2. Please Review to improve the package, thanks
  3. Version 0.3.6


    With this package you will be able to get working the following hardware parts: Sound, Graphics (QE/CI), Keyboard and Trackpad, VGA, HDMI (For now only audio), WiFi and Battery, CPU, GPU, Motherboard sensors. Please follow this guide to get your EDID: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/208410-fixing-scrambledstretched-or-wrong-resolution-laptop-display-problems/ You can use my EDID as model for making your own. Good Luck PS: First times boot with -v "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" "AtiConfig=.............." (if 6370m boot with "AtiConfig=Hoolock").
  4. Neither i do, but theorically if you set the card outputs to 3 (internal, vga, hdmi) and edit framebuffer/edid infos you woul be able to make it work... The oly problem is how you extract the vbios from the card to put the right numbers in the info.plist file of the framebuffer, because the chip is just straight on the card and disconnected from the mainboard and needs to be soldered in some way... Another good job to do is edit vbios to get the right resolution even when booting because my screen is 1366x768 and card is set to 1024x768 and it would be a legit solution for true qe/ci, not just with an edid and switchresx4 to make the system get forced to work, hard for internal, harder for hdmi.
  5. UPDATE: Now i'm able to get qe/ci but only on vga, hdmi still does not work and i can see the translucent bar only in 800x600 resolution... On the internal screen i can just see all the screen black with two 1-pixel wide stripes dividing the screen in 3 parts . Often the stripes become black or purple or painted of all the 3 colors together. Feeling happy and confused at the same time...
  6. Please post the kexts working with this card to get qe/ci working to help me making a new tutorial for x52x and k52x series. ? Until now i used this to boot after the install for the 1st time http://quickwebgems.blogspot.it/2013/11/hackintosh-missing-bluetooth-controller.html ? I made my own EDID and i've got sound, usb and ps2/trackpad working for now ? Gpu has a 1344x1008 strange resolution but i don't find any kext working for it since i tried k52je, k52jt and k52jr kexts with no luck. Wifi bugs and in -v mode shows up a locate-60 error CPU has'n power management ? CPU: i5 480m GPU: AMD Radeon 6370m 1GB (now are used 4mb) wifi: Atheros AR9285 ? original resolution is 1366x768 ? Got edid working after using an external vga monitor so also vga works. ?
  7. Tell us more, i have same problem
  8. good job bro can u send me some photoes?
  9. link: ASUS X52JT with iAtkos ML2. [FULL QE/CI] - YouTube wait a bit of time
  10. yes bro uploading a splendid video :cool:
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