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    I NEED iOS 6.1 System/Library/LaunchDaemons FOLDER for iphone 4 GSM

    my iphone works but i have removed powerd daemon and my battery level is decreasing very fast :(

    I need to put it back.

    I tried to extract it from ipsw but it didnt end up well. If theres someone who have this ipsw installed or is able to extract it for me I would be very grateful :)

  2. Great video. I did exactly the same, but still no luck, evasion7 says that I'm not activated. facetime and imessage not working, I tried to jailbreak with ultrabreak but there were some errors. Any suggestions ? BTW thank you for your time ! ;) all I need jailbreak for is Socblue aplication from cydia, is there any way to install it without cydia ? Do you think it will work if I just copy it to the /mnt1/Applications ? :D

  3. It worked, my phone is activated, I can use it without a sim card, but evasion doesn't work, also the imessage and iclou at all. I only deleted setup.app and I didn't know where to put files from archive, because video is no longer available. Can you please specify where to put them ? I was just guessing :D?

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