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  1. I tried editing, but there's no existing kext, I am in same situation. You can use mini usb wifi stick.
  2. I had same problem with N{censored} 10.8 but 10.8.2 works
  3. I'm facing the same problem. Did you removed AppleHDA kext before instaling ? I'm going to try it next time, som let me know if it helped
  4. Not working on 10.7.3 dev id 4357 BCM43225, any suggestions ?
  5. I have the same problem, I burned dmg directly vie transmac, without converting. I tried booting with iB{censored} and then verbose, lot of files were missing. I don't remember the burning speed but I think that I have chosen the higher one in Transmac, it has only 2 options 8x and 4x so I though that transmac know what he is doing. I have version 8.1, is it ok, or I have to get current version ? I will try to burn it even slower and tell you the result
  6. Hi I have PB Easynote TS11 HR-051UK I managed to instal 10.7.2 N{censored} on my laptop, my Intel HD3000 is fully working even the webcam is fully functional(acer webcam enabler during instalation), but I'm facing problems with: 1.any internet connection, I have never managed to enable it. Last month I was trying luck with Snow Leopard and Lion, I have tried different combinations of kexts, but I always failed I have Broadcom Lan BCM57785X and wireless Broadcom 43227/43225 2. sound, Sound is actually working, but it's roaring besides everything. In many cases I had to pull in headphones, because it was screaming beeping loudly. ALC271X_VB3 3. and the main problem with bootloader I can only boot with bootloader on N{censored} instal DVD/ iB{censored}. I'm trying to dualboot with windows7, so I installed Easy BCD added an entry to boot menu for lion, but when I choose it I'm stucked on chameleon screen. I have 1 TB toshiba HDD with about 400 GB partitioned and formated as mac journaled I have never booted again after MB{censored} installation. I'm experiencing kernel panic very often. Which kext am I supposed to remove before installation of MB{censored} ? my usb ports doesn't seem to work If you know some solution to any of this please reply
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