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  1. Add "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x8@60" I've used Leopard, Snow Leopard AND Lion (I booted off the iATKOS L2 dvd, then pointed to/ran install off the Lion ESD DVD I had). Only Lion will allow you to Software Update, which may be kind of important if you're coding with XCode (4.5).
  2. It took 4 grueling days, not much sleep and an angry wife to get Mac OS Lion 10.7.5 (with its software updates) running on my E1505. I took the long trip with both S3 & L2. That being said, you're on the right track. Part of the trick is understanding you BOOT FLAGS. Finding the right boot flag combo is CRUCIAL to your sanity and well being: flags: -v (verbose) -s (single user mode) -x (safe mode) -f (ignore caches) -F (ignore "Kernel Flags" specified in boot configuration file) -force64 mach_kernel acpi=force or acpi=off arch=i386,x86_64 busratio=18 CPU bus ratio debug=0x100 debug=0x144 darkwake=0 GeneratePStates=(0/1) GenerateCStates=(0/1) PCIRootUID=0 ?video "Graphics Mode"="1152x864x8@60" "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x8@60" UseKernelCache=(0/1) -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 busratio=20 Lion Boot Flags: PCIRootUID=0 UseKernelCache=yes arch=i386 GraphicsEnabler=No Another thing to remember: WITHOUT TONS OF GRAPHICS MEMORY YOU'RE NEVER GETTING PAST 1024X768...so don't even bother trying. At this point, it's probably best that you specify exactly what point in the install are you stuck at, and I'll see what I can do to help. In the process of my own journey i have a TON of drivers & files and such I've gather along the way. A few of these may be helpful to you, but i need to know how far youve come. ...good luck!
  3. I've searched far and wide on the Internet and can't find a driver that will activate my Broadcom BCM4401-B0 802.11 wiress adapter. AppleBCM440XEthernet.kext powers my ethernet with no problem. Back when I had Leopard install the wireless actually worked, but now: dead as a doornail. If you have the kext that will get me the last mile, please let me know...Thanks!
  4. [sOLVED] I'm now running Lion 10.7.3 and completed a successful Software Update. The only thing not working now is wireless.
  5. Does anyone have the actual URL for the Kalyway distro website/blog/whatever??? Thanks!
  6. When you say "ACPI set to S1/S3" are you talking about a boot flag??
  7. I've reach the point where I have successfully completed a 10.5.8 Software Update, thanks to the voodoo kernel (mach_kernel_voodoo). I need the Seatbelt.kext that goes with the 9.8 version of the voodoo kernel and the 10.5.8 Software Update. The file, however is nowhere to be found...if anyone can point me to a working download, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  8. The boot CDs I've tried are ModCD, HackBook & iB{censored}; i get the ACPI driver error. One piece of good news: upgrading my Inspiron's BIOS from A13 to A17 got my brightness where it should be...absolutely clear and beautiful (though to do it I had to load an old sata hd and install Win7 on it). I also got sound working with the Sigmatel 9200 drivers (AppleHDA.kext & HDAEnabler.kext) located on www-nawcom-com. For some reason my WD Passport USB drive won't boot.
  9. You can start by updating your Signature with your specs (hardware, software)...see mine as an example.
  10. Hi, Everyone! My specs are in my Signature... After getting a new laptop, I have successfully installed iATKOS 1.0i on my old Dell Inspiron E1505. I have 4 partitions: Leopard, Recovery HD (clone of Leopard), UsersHD (my Users' folder) and Time Machine (for the Time Machine app). It runs without any boot flags, but there are issues: Brightness doesn't work, even with Shades prefPane installed. Resolution is stuck at 1024x768, though the screen is capable of 1280x800. Impossible to upgrade with either Software Upgrade or Combo Upgrade. I've tried unsuccessfully a number of upgrade paths: USB (U{censored}), Software/Combo Upgrade, and most recently iB{censored} 3.3.0 with a Lion ESD (10.7, not Mountain). I need advice on where to go from here; I would be grateful just to be able to upgrade to the latest Leopard and to get higher resolution on my ATI Radeon X1300. Thanks for your reply!
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