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  1. hello every one i am windows user and i don't know any thing about installing iatkos my laptob is Dell N5010 core i7 with intel HD 3000 graphics & Nvedia 1giga 525 so after watching tutorials and searching i have found so many versions and i have install snow liopard but i face Serous problem there it was about nvedia graphic card so i have upated the snow liopard to the iatkosL1 and i face the same problem that says nvidia unkown 0 mb NVc1 (10de:0dfs]:: pci Root (0x1)/pc1(0x1 0x0)/pci(0x0,0x0)) and i can't find any settings for swichable graphics inside the bios can any one help me with this or any advice?? [EDIT] Please use default font size
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