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  1. Apologies for digging this up, but is there a good ethernet driver as that Is disabled as well?
  2. Amazon won't work for me as I live in the UK, so I went on the Trendnet webite, but the product was discontinued. However, would it's replacement TRENDnet | Products | N150 Wireless Adapters | TEW-649UB work?
  3. Will that work with the Adapter you linked on Amazon?
  4. One thing though, How can I get a WLAN utility?
  5. Afraid I can't do that, since for some reason I can't take screen shots. Do you need everything? Or can I just write up what you need on here? (I'm using a different PC.)
  6. It's a HP/Compaq Presario cq62. 3GB RAM. Intel Celeron CPU Afraid I don't know what WiFi card I have, but I am considering buying a USB WiFi adapter.
  7. Hi all. I have just installed installed 10.6.3 on my laptop, but I have a slight issue. It was installed using Nawcom's Boot Cd, but I mistakenly checked 'This computer does not connect to the internet' during setup. Now, there is no Internet connection icon alongside the battery and sound Icons, and I cannot connect using ethernet either. I'm not sre whether this is due to my error during setup or another issue. Replies much appreciated.
  8. As I do a LOT of Web-Browsing, does Wi-Fi work?
  9. Will that destroy my windows Partition then?
  10. So how do I repartition HDD then?
  11. Well, sh#t. S'pose I'll do that then. Won't install Windows immediately though.
  12. What size should the primary partition be, and which disc out of these should I shrink?
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