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  1. Hey, After many hours of looking for solution I need to ask you. I have installed ML 10.8.2 and iATKOS ML as well. Both are running very well. I'm on the second at the moment but it doesn't matter at all. The problem is my GPU makes some weird noise. For example I downloaded some stuff for work like PhpStorm or Eclise (both written in Java - it may be important). Resizing the main window computer does "bzz-bzz". Same when I resize project windows. I can handle it, but when I am typing any letter or press any key for longer I still hear "bzz-bzz". Moreover other applications don't do this sound effect except Mail (I suppose it's written in Objective C?). I really have no idea what it is but I cannot work on OS X (YouTube doesn't help, my ears are so sensitive...). I have read it may be power managment. I installed special FakeSMC with sensors that say CPU has only 2 states - 16 and 32. EIST is enabled in UEFI. I tried many configurations and no one worked well. I am thinking about but cannot resolve it and have no clue. My CPU Core i5 3470, GPU Gigabyte GTX 660 (non Ti) OC and PSU Be-Quiet! 580 Straight Power CM. The only one thing I know it's 99% GPU. After switch to old 8800 all is gone. Maybe my card is what my card is and it doesn't change anything. I used DSDT/SSDT, Chameleon file with C-/P-States, DropSSDT and much more... To be honest I'm disappointed I haven't bought 670 or 680. Well, I count on you. PS. That noise doesn't occur when typing in TextEdit or resizing Safari. Strange... Marcin [Edit] Windows and Linux are absolutely fine with these software. They don't screech or whine. I also read gpu may be underpowered? Uh...
  2. Not everything works for me. Actually it still freezes from time to time. How can I fix it because I don't understand DSDT mechanics. What should I do? Hope you help me.
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