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  1. Hello, I´m new in hackintosh and mac os, installed flawlessly lion with iatkos L2 in my ACER Aspire 5720 made everything work except the wifi (i think there is no solution for my Intel 3945), camera (Suyin Web camera) and graphics card (Intel X3100) i have been reading other posts that claim to make the driver work on 64bit, but they don´t mention how to install it or the tools we need) so i needed a step-by-step on how to install this driver. I know for some of you it´s easy so please make a good action and help me out...i´m windows user and i´m kinda newbie in mac world, please don´t make me quit! Thank you all,
  2. Hi there, i´m new in mackintosh, i really like to make my video card (Intel GMA X3100) and wireless (intel 3945) working, i´m glad someone has managed to do it. But unfortunately i can´t understand how to install this driver (what program to use or method) i tried kext helper but i had to reinstall everything again because Lion freezes on startup. So if some one could write a step-by-step or give me a link with something like that it would be great. Thanks in advance!
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