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  1. A compiled version ? It's a kext, the compiled code is in the MacOS folder Martin
  2. Many thanks, there is no problem with the driver, i am just looking for guidance so thanks for the link! Martin
  3. Technical question unrelated to your driver but related to networking, I am trying to get a Z10PE-D8 WS board to upgrade from SL to ML, did you ever encounter this error whilst coding these drivers, and can you point me to where the problem might be ? AppleKCS::waitForIBF timed out! (repeats a few times) AppleKCS::IPMISendCommand retries on command 0x1 failed (this repeats to a count of 0x5) Once the command count reaches 0x6 the system reboots Any ideas ? Martin
  4. TpwUK

    CMI8738-v55-MC6 Kext.zip

    Just thinking the more places you share the file the more potential for feed back Martin
  5. TpwUK

    CMI8738-v55-MC6 Kext.zip

    Do you only post the kext file here ? If so try spreading it around some more hackintosh sites Martin
  6. Download works fine here. Click Download This File and then click the download option for each file, wait a couple of seconds and then the file will download to you !
  7. I grabbed the screenshots when the drives were showing their best results, however those results don't last for long before they both turn to sh!t :)

    The drives show what i thought, Samsung better for reading large files making it more suitable for my models and render scenes, and the Kingston quicker at writing files making it better for general OS saves.  






    1. noname


      Thanks man, I appreciate it! :):very_drunk:

      I got this result for Samsung Evo:



  8. TpwUK


    Version 1.0.1


    Ready to go DSDT patched to ACPI 5.1 standards leaving just the four warnings that i am not experienced enough to fix. BIOS used is the latest version for this motherboard from ASUS 5802 complied with MaciASL ver 1.4 Works with -xcpm + KernelPM if you have Ivy-Bridge LGA2011 v2 processors tested with Clover Boot-loader 3469 If you have more than 12c/24t then you will need to repair the Processor Scopes and their corresponding If (LEqual etc ) otherwise you will get Kernel Panic with AppleACPIPlatform Includes SSDT-1.aml to prevent the black screen sleep that you get with some Nvidia graphics cards - GTX660Ti tested here and it works perfectly with this card. Needs testing with Chameleon and others. If you use and test it on anything other than Clover please let me know the results. There are more patches to fix bugs that can be applied from PJalms repository but I have not added them here since you might not be needing them. Martin (TpwUK) SSDT-1.aml
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