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  1. @bayar29 : u must be copas 2 file kext in S/L/E iopcifamily.kext and one else...but i forgot...hohoho...u can be dwnload from k*xts.com for them @miasvan: u need aty_init and cuda driver that up2date...violaaa... @bozarthwj: no problemo that sys info only..but perform pure gtx 550 ti.. but hdmi mode need kext and edit it little bit
  2. Should be gtx500ti is better and more faster than 9800. .Because gtx is new series...dx11 already. .chipset etc. So recommended for the new games...u can be compare both with 3Dmark..and see the result...
  3. @Johnstav: Better u reinstall the lion with new hw(9800 become to gtx or else)...
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