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  1. the battery works fine:-) but the usb not....everytime i plug in my usb the hackitnish stops... but thats not so improtant. do you also know something about imessage? becouse everybidy says something different...
  2. Wow it works perfect i would have some last questions if this is okay... why imessage doens't work? how can i use usb3.0? where can i see the batterie %? how can i get my laptop in sleep modus?
  3. okay i will try when i am at home :-)
  4. sry i forgott this... i'll do this now. but i don't manage to use my speakers i installed a lot of kexts but it doesn't work...do you know why?
  5. Okay now I have the no error but if i boot from darwin it doesn't work and if i boot from usb it works ... why that?!
  6. Thank you I will try today and replay
  7. yeeey :-) now i can boot without this flags and the graphic is okay. thank you :-) Can you also help me with the bootloader? because i can install one but when i start my laptop it say error boot 0.?!
  8. packard bell easynote ts11hr-218at I7-2630QM 8GB Ram Nvidia geforce gt540m Intel?Sandybridge Mobile Graphics Chipset Accelerated VGA BIOS Intel® HD Graphics 3000 is this okay or do you want to know something more? no i didn't progress now i only can start my hackintosh with bootflags (-x -f) and only can use wlan. thanks for help
  9. HEY I have been looking and reading in a lot of forums but i didn't find the solution. i hope somebody can help me here. I have installed Mountain lion with U{censored} on my laptop. Now i have some questions: 1) Why can't i boot from hard disk? I can only boot from my usb where i have installed chimera? 2)When I boot from USB I have to put in the flags: -x -f or it doesn't boot. 3)When I boot I'm in Secure Mode. Can I change this? 4)I can't install the kext for my Audio i have Realtek ALC269 @ Intel Cougar Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller why that? 5)My resolution is very bad i didn't also manage to install my graphic card (I have this graphic card: Nvidia Geforce GT540M ) I'm very sorry for this questions but i need help because I'm working on this for 4 weeks and it's my first time and I'm really intressted in mackintosh. I thank everybody for a helpfull answer Johnnnnny5
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