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  1. Hello noway, thanks for your reply, Ok I'll do that, by the way, yesterday I ran sys info on my pc but could not export because of exceptions, today I'll try to solve that problem.
  2. Hello, I've just read here Kexts that ATISupport (7.0.2) is compatible with ML so my question is: 1) How and where do I find that file? 2) How do I install it? 3) Where do I find the ATI 4600 kext and how do I modify it? Thanks. P.S.: I'm very new to hackingtosh, in fact, I have never use a mac before, so please, be patient
  3. Thanks again noway, well I've been looking on the net for some info, and there are a lot of things and terms I don't understand, it seems I need kext (which I suppose are the equivalents of drivers in windows) so I went here Kexts and search on the list they have and I found com.apple.kext.ATISupport (7.0.2) has been tested on Mountain Lion successfully for my video card (radeon HD4350) so, my question is: Should I download that file from somewhere? if so, then from where? There are also some other indications on installing a boot loader using a pkg installer (boot loader is clover) so: what is pkg installer and how do I run that? should I use something in the ML installer? Thanks
  4. Hello noway, thank you very much for your response, I've just seen the guide, it is intended for AMD systems, mine is Intel, processor is intel core 2 quad q8300 and my graphics is AMD Radeon HD 4350. I downloaded the tool and will try it today, then I will post all the info. Thaks again
  5. Hello every one, I'm very new in all of this, in fact I have never even use a mac. But now I need to install OS X (not sure which version) on my HP pavilion p6390 desktop (buying a mac would be much better but since that's out of my reach I'm exploring the hackingtosh way). So the first thing I would like to know is if that installing any version on my pc is even possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
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