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  1. Hello again! i have tried today to make myHack with 10.7.5 version. So the problems that found today were: 1. No smbios.plist but i created one my self. The pc was originally recognised as iMac 12,1 so i didn't change it 2. It couldn't recognise the usb wifi adapter 3. During the installation process it seemed to recognise my apple id but afterwards in the appstore i got the message " Unrecognised Apple Id " or something like that. The conclusion for me.... Is that in 10.8.2 i got the wifi adapter to work and do not have Apple Store Icloud or iMessage. In the 10.7.5 version i don't even have the wifi adapter. I also forget to mention that after the installation of the 10.7.5 version i got two kernel panics during restart.... So what is the problem with my pc? Or if i am doing something so wrong can anyone help me solve it????
  2. Thank you everyone for trying to make my life easy..... i will make my last effort. i will try and make it a hack with Lion and not mountain lion!if this last try is useless again i will reboot the machine with windows and this will end up my torture.... the only issue i was facing with mountain lion after many tries was app store and iCloud and of course iMessage. so if i manage to solve my problems with lion, lion it is for me!!!! thank you all very much for trying to help me. i will let u know what happened with lion
  3. I have tried the -F option but nothing happened! I tried all the options (-f,-x,-v). Nothing happened. I cant seem to avoid remaking the whole thing!!! If u have any other suggestion plz let me know!!!! I am a step away from dumping the whole procudure!!!!
  4. Hello again! thank you very much for ur reply! after making all the changes u mentioned the pc crashed and in the boot screen i got a message that there was an error parsing plist file.... so no boot for me any more. i forgot to mention that i am using 10.8.2 if it makes any difference. i also need to say that i have the latest chameleon and i also tried to change the serial number of the machine through chameleon. nothing helped me at all. the worse thing is that i thought i would leave it working without iCloud App Store but no i have to do the whole process from the first step. another thing is that the previous time i tried myHack recognised the pc as a mac pro. this time recognise it as an iMac. I really don't know what i am doing wrong!!!!!
  5. Hello to everyone!!!! so i have been trying to mackintosh my ex pc for about a month now. As far as i know i have an intel i7 975 and an asus rampage ii extreme. I had try to hack using U{censored}. I had issues with the ethernet card which was not recognised at all. After many tests i tried to use myHack. And everything seems to work fine. I used an apple usb adapter to ethernet so it seems to recognise the ethernet port. I even manage to fix my sound via multi beast using universal audio and voodoo. So using myHack i manage to do everything right. The problem is: in the extra folder there is no smbios.plist using chameleon wizard tried to make one. The only reason i involved my self with chameleon and the making of the smbios.plist is because App Store and iCloud don't allow me to sign in. Although in Itunes when i plug my iphone and it asks for apple id it accepts it. So the conclusion is that i am desperate for instructions in order to have my iCloud app store fix using myHack and chameleon.... Please help meeeee
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