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  1. i already uploaded that in previus comment .. if there is any way i can solve this issue ... ?
  2. AHH .. Is that a bad news..? ... should i quit trying this anyways will upload the pics of bios tommorw ..
  3. Soory i dont have these many options in my bios i m posting my system info once again please see if its supported for wifi as there is a sad smiley in that part only
  4. ok i will try that tonight but mean while can you tell me if there is anythng else i need to select while installing in the setting other thn those mentioned in frst post , like hd3000,hd4000 or sound and there is also some options to disable nvidia and other graphic option thre etc i dnt have nvidia card in my laptop so do u think i try disabling them ... ??/
  5. HI "Dr. Hurt" I m srry,and thanks after your comment i just checked once again its Atheros AR8162/8166/8188 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller @candou HI, i have tried the KExt u told me
  6. here are the screen shots with and without -v -x -f flags hope it will help
  7. Hi, Thanks for this ultra fast reply when i first boot i never find this AppleHDA.kext in the given folder and i m sure i have deleted this AppleACPIPlatform.kext file every time i followed the steps. there is a step in the refered forum you pointed in your success post (i mean step tutorial post ) i,e. related to the post in insanely mac forum ... to copy my Extra folders file in the installed Extra folder file . i have tried that also but nothing worked ... it will b great if you can mention the step after installation one by one in the same forum its confusing which one to follow ... and as m a novice :confused: in this please guide me if i have to rebuild kext cache after installing kexts, how to do it ???
  8. hi, thanks for the awsome tutorial u rock man i have installed using the steps you stated , it run very nicely on first run with sound and everythng fine,but as soon as i install kext and audio by using the given MB{censored} and kext beast and restatr my system , it show me error and ask me to restart again i have tried this more than thirty time with diffrent option in kext beast and multi beast, heree is my system details please help i have Lenovo G580 Model Name :- 20157 i5-3210M 2.5 GHz (3rd gen) Intel? Intel B75 Express Chipset Intel? Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter i5 3rd gen 4gb ram
  9. i have the same machine with same configuration but N{censored} 10.8 is not detecting my hdd .. please let us know if that worked for u then i will try 10.7 verion of N{censored} dvd
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