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  1. Looks like I might try and finish this project after a long time.?
  2. Seems like I'll be opening up this project again and trying it with yosemite. I have some hopes for the internal disk at this point but haven't started anything yet.?
  3. Might work but I am seeing lots of replies saying wifi works but bluetooth doesn't. Something you will have to test and play around with.
  4. No, there are no WiFi and bluetooth combo cards that will work. Apple native cards would work but those are 2 separate cards. If you really want a single cards solution I recommend checking this link: {censored} Forum ? Information. It requires some soldering and wires but it should work.
  5. This card has no bluetooth, but the atheros combo card the bluetooth will not work. See inside apple devices they have two separate cards, one for wifi and one for bluetooth. So no matter how compatible your computer is (think {censored}) on these cards the bluetooth will not work. Unless you want to write your own drivers for it but I am guessing you don't really want to do that .
  6. I can say that the BCM94322HM8L will work natively. I had it in this laptop working right from the install and now have it in a gigabyte ga-z77n-wifi also working out of the box with no drivers.
  7. Sent you a reply in PM. Very very very good find man. Currently I do not have a mac partition my laptop, but I hope to have one again soon. If you test it and it works I will update the guide, otherwise it might be a little bit.
  8. Little update on my part. The last while I haven't had time to work on this and I am sorry. I don't see myself having a whole lot time very soon but if people need help with anything or need a second opinion please post it or send me a message. I am hoping that the DSDT that we need will be made soon as this is what we need most for the system. Because I need this system for my work and I found that it isn't stable enough without the DSDT I will most likely be building a desktop hackintosh (or a rMBP but this ver overpriced ). When I have more time again I will try a little more on our machine.
  9. The waiting for root device is as you probably know that it cannot find the hard drive. This often has to do with the ACHI mode. Make sure your BIOS is set to ACHI, if it is you will need to make a patch with a kext or edit your DSDT.
  10. Sorry man I am not installing it in the internal hdd so I don't know which kexts will work and which ones won't, but others probably have some answers for you as they are installing on the internal hdd.
  11. Not sure if mine was or wasn't for hp but it work great. There is a version for HP too.
  12. Last I heard Aj was working in it as he already had it working once.
  13. The wireless card is the Broadcom BCM94322HM8L, you should be able to find it on ebay. It is strange that you need -x, it ight be that kext you used but the screenshot you sent doesn't seem to have a problem, at that stage it sometimes takes some time, but as it is checking the drive there. At the moment I don't know what would be causing that, it might be that kext but as you are not the only one using that kext I hope that isn't the problem. You could look at the page you downloaded it and see if other people are having problems with the kext, or you could just try another kext straight away. Hope you solve your problem soon. If you could keep me up to date with your work that would be great. David
  14. Ok good work, HD4000 though is not working in your setup and you shouldn't need to boot with "x" which is safe mode. To get HD4000 working you need to copy the device key that I put in the guide and paste it in org.chameleon.Boot. After this you only need to boot with cpus=1-v. To solve cpus=1 download a lapic kernel for your os x version, put it in /Extra, and use chameleonwizard to say use kernel and use kernel cache. After this all you need is -v to boot.
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