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  1. i get an error: Object Does not exist(DTGP)
  2. I tried to install DSDT EDITOR, but seems like need java, but I have already java installed, is there any other good program? How can I do DSDT see that java is installed?
  3. Hello man, how can i implement this in my DSDT ?
  4. Wireless utility don't open, and the adapter shows offline, is it because I can't open the utility?
  5. Mine is a usb asus n10 -?RTL8188SU driver ? it shoud be working, right ? i have an yosemite version from iatkos, is there anything about it ?
  6. i have an?ASUS_USB-N10 and, wont work for me, i didn't find an unistaller to old files, im with a yosemite version, anyone can help me ?
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