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  1. Whers the Problem ? i used a DVD-DL ! Ii Had Make a misstake , in have wrote CD Sorry !
  2. I Tried an USB Installation but there is always a timeout error . CD boots fine but in the Installation setup my hard drive is not detected. So in Endes upwith 2 partions on my hard drive , one for the Installation and one for the target. Works pretty nice without an error !
  3. i have tried all this 4 commands but it wont work .There is allways the No interval found for.Using 800000 and then still waiting for root device.
  4. that is my error when i trie to booting with -v . My Bios config is like yours
  5. okey , i follow these steps but after installation and new boot ive got a blackscreen.
  6. i have the same Lenovo G580 2189 with intel i5 prozessor but without the extra nvida graphic card. i trie to install it a secound time . is there anything what i have to Chose after the installtion in MB{censored} ? -and when i boot up first time ( after installlation) i had to boot with Graphicsenabler=No
  7. help , i cant boot in my new ML 2 installation . i have copyed the extra folder and the usb kext . after a reboot my apple logo is on the right side when booting and it boots really really long but nothing happend. bootflags wont help and beside my apple logo is sometimes an "stop" icon . please help
  8. no.... it wont work and a new installation. maybe tomorrow i will replay ! thank you for the help , i hope it will work then !
  9. hey , thanks for your answer , i had the same model as you but the Kexts wont work. after install and reboot no usb port will work ! no 3.0 and no 2.0 . My system dont detect any i think i had to redo the kext installation.... or any other advice ?But my Lenovo is markt as a Mac Book Pro 9.2.... how to change it ?
  10. is the VoodooHDA 2.7.4 kext in MB{censored} ? and yes , same function by me. but no multi touch....
  11. no problem but are there any solutions to get my usb 2.0 working and sound ? maybe my multi gesture touchpad ?
  12. okey , das tastatur Problem hab ich jetz behoben aber welche kexte brauche ich den jetzt um mein usb2.0 , mein audio und toch pad multi geasture zu aktivieren ? und wo bekomme ich diese her ? danke schonmal für jede hilfe
  13. okey , ich hab das programm mal ausgeführt. und das kahm dabei herraus. weißt du vielleicht auch wie ich es hinbekomme das ich ein (at) zeichen und so etwas machen kann ?weil meine tastatur macht dan immer ein anderes Zeichen...
  14. okey , ich werde es morgen mal ausprobieren , danke schonmal
  15. hey, danke für deine antwort . hab es jetz geschafft indem ich den installer auf die festplatte gemacht habe hat super funktioniert , funktioniert jetz alles super , grafik und so . nur mein usb 2.0 port geht nicht , irg welche ideen warum nicht ?
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