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  1. Can you post a picture of what you see when you boot up your computer? If you restore from time machine, chameleon isn't installed, and should be installed again. Start the iAtkos DVD, and choose with the arrow keys for your hard drive, instead of booting up the DVD.
  2. Version 1.0


    Hier de budget laptop installer voor Lion. SLeep zal op zeer korte termijn in de installer komen. Veel succes.
  3. Hello Macnoob, the mediacenter isn't available in de Best Buy Guide anymore, because through hardware problems we discontinued the development of the mediacenter. However, we don't want to tell you to figure it out on your own, so we shall help you to make it working. The moderator who is responsible for this Best Buy Guide system, will be contacted inmediatly, so we can help you out As soon As Possible.
  4. Hallo KJ ik ben op zoek naar een perfect werkend moederboard moet wel socket 775 zijn omdat ik de processor al heb intel dual core

  5. Atheros, Atheros 9285 10.6.6 - Downloads - Kexts.com Graphics: How to install kextes for ATI 4650 1GB on SL - InfiniteMac OSx86
  6. Version 1.0


    Official Apple Driver edited with Dev-Id's so it works with the 9285. Have Fun. Kj.web
  7. kj.web

    BBG Budget Laptop

    Link is now updated.
  8. Thank you so much, if i compare the version number with 10.6.6 i gues this is the 10.6.5 patched? But it works great, thank you.
  9. Version 1.0


    Newest version recommended This is a complete rewrite of the pfix utility. In my last few revisions of the 2.x branch a number of potential problems were revealed to me. Of the reproducible errors ? errors due to problems with kextd were the main culprit, even when forced rebuilding of kextcache was done. Though failures such as these were limited to a small number of end users any failure of pfix is unacceptable to me. After extensive testing of many different new methods to resolve all of these issues pfix 3recommended.0 is ready for public release. This version will take longer to execute than previous versions when correcting permissions and rebuilding caches for a root system volume but it will do so with virtually no possibility of errors. If all you are doing is swapping around a few kexts in /Extra however I have introduced a flag to skip the repair of the system permissions and caches for a very quick operation. Additionally pfix is now designed to operate from /usr/sbin/ like a standard *nix utility and includes a usage output viewable by running ?pfix ?help? (without the quotes) from a terminal. -Corrected minor syntax errors for correct operation of pfix under OS X 10.5.x ?Leopard?.* -Improved syntax usage to adhere to expected syntax and ensure error free operation in the future. -Corrected minor typo and altered some of the displayed information for clarity.
  10. kj.web

    Atheros AR9285

    @joerg74 Working here not on R530 in 10.6.4 10.6.5 beta kext works instead
  11. Version 1.0


    install with kexthelper
  12. kexthelper b7 can install them
  13. And again the question: 32 or 64 bits. Apple icon (upper left) -> About this mac -> more info -> software -> 64 bits kernel and extensions? Yes or no. if yes: go to HDD-> Library->preferences->systemconf->com.apple.boot.plist-> add to kernel flags: arch=i386 Save to desktop and place it back enter pass to replace, in texteditor itself you don;t have the permissions.
  14. Click Serious i got my sound also really bad to work, try voodooHDA and check if you are running 64 bits. My sound only works in 32 bits, and i tried voodooHDA appleHDA azalia audio, and after i tried them all it worked I got success with AppleHDA Shutdown: openhaltrestart osx86restart, you can find on kexts.com
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